Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Review: Theatre in the Quarter Presents The Lost Boy

I have just got back from an evening with friends watching The Lost Boy at St Mary's Creative space, Chester. 

Theatre in the quarter: The Lost Boy
Credit: Mark Carline

"The Lost Boy highlights the plight of young refugees in today’s uncertain world. It is a story of innocence, of fear of the unknown and ultimately a magical tale of acceptance."

The play is written by Stephanie Dale with original music from Chester's much loved, Matt Baker and performed by the fantastic Theatre in the Quarter team. 

The Lost Boy entwines the story of a Syrian Refugee with the daily struggles of a former fishing village affected and made bitter by the loss of trade and a feeling of helplessness. Both issues are dealt with sensitively, whilst also highlighting key statistics and challenging major stereotypes regarding refugees and asylum seekers.

Set in a Seaside town, as the preparations for Christmas gear up (yes, Christmas carols feature) the story is led by young Maddie, a girl bought up by a  former fisherman father who's down on his luck and an ever-optimistic mum (teaching assistant and choir director!) The radio news tells us that five men have been spotted on a boat but have escaped from police capture. That is all that is known about them, but we're about to find out a lot more. 

My word is it powerful. I thought I'd made it to the end without crying, but when the lights came up I was still sobbing. Please don't let that put you off. The Lost Boy is essential viewing. It tackles the uncertainty we're still passing as we head towards another election, 

Not only does The Lost Boy tackle the plight of young refugees by using the stage as a literal platform to tell their stories but it also addresses the local political climate, giving voice to those who voted to leave the EU, to those who feel disenfranchised and to those who feel helpless and unsure. 

Theatre in the quarter: The Lost Boy
Credit: Mark Carline

I have come away feeling educated and with the desire to act, to make a difference.

My hope is you will go and see The Lost Boy, it is on at St Mary's Creative Space until 7th May, but I also hope that it will tour, that other cities, towns and communities will be able to enjoy this thought-provoking piece and that it'll bring understanding and compassion.

Tickets can be booked here

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