Saturday, 18 March 2017

30 before 30

Ok, so I shared my 25 before 25 update recently and decided that since I hadn't quite managed it and some of the bits that made the list were really odd choices I'd mix it up a bit, add some bits and create a 30 before 30.

30 before 30

I have crossed out at the top the 7 I did manage and I've got half a point for: read 5 classic books (I can't name them but think I have!!), do an Ikea hack (In progress) and learn Italian (Duolingo is ongoing!). Shoutout to my twin, Chloe who told me she'd give me full marks for those!!

  1. Buy a car
  2. Go to Iceland
  3. Have a decent savings account (i.e. not £4)
  4. Do something different with my hair
  5. Get married
  6. Make chutney
  7. Drink water regularly
  8. Learn Italian
  9. Do an Ikea hack
  10. Read 5 classic books (and be able to name them)
  11. Visit Ireland
  12. Sew a cushion cover 
  13. Finish the rag rug
  14. Read the whole of the New Testament 
  15. Ride a Vespa
  16. Write a short story 
  17. Visit Edinburgh 
  18. Make wine 
  19. Watch all the Lord of the Rings Films (Just to say I have)
  20. Go to Go ape
  21. Zipwire
  22. Ski (take a skiing lesson) 
  23. Blend my own tea
  24. Make an item of clothing
  25. Run 5k for charity 
  26. Start a masters 
  27. Visit New York
  28. Watch The Railway Children in London 
  29. Grow a plant 
  30. Write an article for The Pool 
Now over to you, what are makes your list? 

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