Tuesday, 7 March 2017

25 Before 25: Update

In May 2014, before Twentea Something was even a thing, (eeek. how long ago?) I first shared my 25 before 25 post. Now that I've turned 25 I figured it was time to revisit and see how I did! 

Twentea Something - 25 Before 25

Blogger confession: the original graphic on the post made me cringe so I definitely changed that before resharing! God bless, Canva

Here's the original list, I've crossed out the ones I've achieved: 

  1. Visit Ireland
  2. Buy a puppy/dog
  3. Finish the rag rug
  4. Learn to crochet
  5. Ride a vespa
  6. Buy a car
  7. Go to Oktoberfest 
  8. Go to Iceland
  9. Have a decent savings account (i.e. not £4) 
  10. Do something different with my hair
  11. Visit Edinburgh 
  12. Get married (Don't worry Andy knows this one!) 
  13. Read 5 classic books 
  14. Make chutney 
  15. Make wine 
  16. Do an Ikea hack 
  17. Learn Italian 
  18. Watch all the Lord of the Rings Films (Just to say I have)
  19. Go to Go ape
  20. Zipwire
  21. Ski 
  22. Blend my own tea
  23. Make an item of clothing
  24. Set up a regular charity donation
  25. Drink water reguarly 
Grief, ok, so of the 25 I've managed.... 7!! 

Plus I'm giving myself half points for: Read 5 classic books, because I don't know what I meant by that but reckon I have, do an Ikea hack because the coffee table project is nearly there and for learn Italian, because well... I started Duolingo!! So I get 8.5 points right?? 

Looking at the list now I'm not even sure why I chose some of them!! Oktoberfest just sounded cool and like something you're meant to put in your bucket list. But I hate beer and I hate crowds. Buy a puppy or dog, I clearly hadn't allowed for us moving into a second floor flat a year later on top of working long hours and being away a lot, so I'll put that down to naivety! 

I've decided to have a think, change my list a little bit and then to make sure I don't get off lightly I'm going to share my 30 before 30 (by which time this blog will have to become Thirtea Something!!) 

What would make your list? When is your next big birthday?

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