Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Iceland: Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Iceland

I am an awful blogger, I really am. But here I am, talking about Iceland a month and a half after we got back and just before we go on another trip (that says less about my tardiness and more about our compulsive jet-setting, though!) 

I think I first fell in love with Iceland because I saw a blog post about the Blue Lagoon on Pinterest (of course) and that was it, my heart was set.

Over two years later and we finally made it there! After reading all sorts of recommendations we went straight from the airport to the Blue Lagoon (There's a Grey Line stop right outside the terminal exit - remember that name, I wil mention them a lot). 

We arrived just after sunset so it was really very dark which added an eerie sort of element. We had already paid for the Comfort package which included a towel, super handy.

When you check in you're given a wrist band which is used for your locker and for payment which is great because there's no risk of losing anything. The changing room I was shown to was really tiny and cramped. I later found out, to my detriment that this wasn't the only changing area! You must shower beforehand, again, there weren't many showers available, especially as a group of girls seemed to be involved in a sponsored washathon!! But finally, I made it outside. 

Blue Lagoon Iceland

It is cold outside, especially in swimmers but it wasn't unbearable and once you're in the calm, hot water you don't care anyway. It was so warm, which sound ridiculous because it's a thermal pool but I couldn't believe that it felt much much warmer than a bath. Because it was dark, I couldn't see much further than my face so we gingerly made our way around the pool, stopping for a silica mud mask and a drink.

It was such an amazing, unforgettable experience, 5 'o clock at night, pitch black, drinking a cherry whilst sat in a naturally heated pool. We spent about an hour and a half relaxing at The Blue Lagoon.  

The only time I got even a little bit cold was when we got out and I couldn't find my flip flops, pacing up and down the outside decking was a little chilly but again not as bad as I expected and I soon warmed up when I got back inside. 

This is the point I fell into some difficulty with the multiple changing rooms. I said goodbye to Andy arranging to meet him at the exit, went into the changing room, took a shower, started to strip off (TMI?) only to realise that I didn't recognise any of the lockers and my number wasn't there. I hunted up and down the rows and couldn't find them anywhere. So back on went the wet swimming costume (never fun) and it was only then that I realised the changing room I wanted was upstairs. Oops!

The buses leave fro Reykjavik every hour and there was one waiting when we finished so we hopped on that and were soon headed to our hotel. 

Top Tops for The Blue Lagoon

1. Go straight from the airport. This can be booked before hand or at The Greyline counter upon arrival. Tours leave from the airport every hour or so. 
2. Pack what you need in your hand luggag -: swimming costume, towel etc. 
3. Bring flip flops - I know, you're visiting Iceland, hardly flip-flop weather! But you'll want these when you step outside onto the decking. Although I recommend bringing some distinctive looking ones. My black Havana style flip flops got lost among the Blue Lagoon branded flip flops! 
4. Lather up the conditioner - I was so worried about my hair being nasty afterwards because it's bleached but I didn't notice any changes despite warnings that the water can wreck havoc but my hair was saturated in the conditioner, it's free. Make the most of it!!
5. Get a drink - I would strongly advocate paying that bit extra for the Comfort Package, it's 2000 ISK (approx £14) more than the standard package but includes a towel and a free drink. Totally worth it in my opinion. But it was magical to find a shallow bit to sit down in and enjoy a drink while enjoying the water. 


Blue Lagoon Iceland

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