Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 - New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

2017 resolutions

Do you make any New Year's resolutions? In May last year I stopped breaking them down into monthly goals and tried to focus only on my resolutions for the year which were:

New Year's resolutions 2016:

Get to target weight & reassess- I'm pretty much back to square one with this. 

Learn Italian - I started with this and did so well, managing over 20 days in a row of learning Italian using Duolingo but then got waylaid so going to take this up again. 

Save money - Yes! I did this! I was aiming for somewhere over £600 and to date I have around £2000 in my savings, that includes putting some towards Dubai. But I will also be using some of it for Iceland spends. 

Blog 2 times a week every week -  Ha woops! Nope!

Read more non-fiction books - I actually can't tell you if I achieved this or not. I think I read a few more biographies but I didn't finish Thrive! 

So, here's my resolutions for 2017:

1. Journal more - Under advice from author Hollie McNish (name dropping) I've been trying to write stuff down more. I was also given a beautiful Gratitude Journal (similar here) for Christmas which has space to write down 3 things a day that I'm grateful for, I am determined to fill it out every day and then read it back this time next year.

Kikki K Gratitude Journal

2. Write one blog post a week - I might not publish this many every week but just getting into the habit of writing once a week and having a bank to publish as and when. 

3. Lose weight - Of course, I have a target in mind but to begin with, between Iceland and my birthday (end of Feb) I'm aiming to focus as much as possible on calorie counting, eating well and not cheating at weekends. 

4. Record what I read - I started last year compiling a list on here and then stopped, I'm determined to use my Goodreads account to keep a check of what I've read throughout 2017.

5. Exercise more - I have a plan in my head of a weekly barre session, a couple of morning yoga sessions at home and more walks. I'm not renewing my gym membership because I'm not really using it and it's just wasted money. 

What are your resolutions for 2017?

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