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Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Theme - High Tea - How to Pull It Off

Wedding High Tea

Good Morning and Happy Wedding Wednesday. I'm joined, again, by the gorgeous Roxana who is sharing all about how to have a High Tea wedding breakfast. Now, I had afternoon tea for my reception, so I hope she things I followed the correct etiquette! Enjoy!

Well, not everyone was born into a fabulous British tradition and culture but that doesn’t mean we can’t obsess about it with equal passion and admiration. Right? Right.
One of the epitomes of British culture is their worshiping of tea-drinking which, if we’re to be honest, have never been understood in full. Still, it’s something they’ve made look so attractive and so important that even those who don’t really like or drink tea would go crazy excited if they were offered one by someone sporting a fantastically sensual British accent.
The tradition of tea drinking, in fact, is of such importance that it got replicated onto the weddings, making High Tea one of the top celebrated wedding themes. Go figure! In all honesty, the whole concept of it is phenomenal, so then – why not celebrate it?
If you are one of the tea-obsessed brides to be and you are thinking of turning your big day into a tea-honouring spectacle, we’re giving you some top important tips to know about the High Tea tradition.
  1. The time of serving matters

Even though it was originally served between 5 pm and 7 pm with larger meals, high tea is now to be had in the afternoon although there may be some adjustments to that time, too. To our understanding, high tea events may now be held at any time of the day, as long as they align with the right etiquette.
  1. Size of teapots is important

It is very standard and very important to know that the largest teapot is for English breakfast tea while small teapots are used for herbal teas.
  1. Cutlery experience plays a role

It is safe to say that a table full of cutlery will be a very daunting experience; so, when you are setting the table, remember to do everything by the book. If you’re just seated at the table, use it from the outside towards the inside of your place setting. For all the brides that would go with the High Tea wedding theme, we’d always recommend hiring high tea catering professionals, as they’re familiar with the proper etiquette and won’t fail your expectations.
Wedding High Tea
  1. Matching bowls, yes

Cream and jam are to be served in matching bowls, preferably crystal. Small silver serving spoons follow.
  1. Tea serving etiquette is crucial

The way to serve (and drink tea) is to first pour tea, then add milk and sugar to taste.
  1. Learn napkin placement

The napkin should be placed on the left-hand side of your place setting; it is our understanding that “it should be folded with the closed edge towards the left and the open edge towards the right”. What is more, “when the diners were finished they would place the napkin on the right-hand side to signify the end of their high tea”.
  1. Use fingers to eat

Wedding High Tea
…BUT only if no cutlery is provided. The origin of “finger food” notion actually goes back to the tradition of eating with your fingers whenever there was no cutlery around.
  1. Master the teacup drama

Apparently, it’s not just about taking a teacup and drinking out of it – there’s a special way to do it. We’ve learned that back “in 1710 when the teacup handle was first invented it was a custom to pinch the front and the back of the handle with your three fingers and extending your little finger went to avoid spillage”. Naturally, modern day finds the little finger pretty inappropriate and rude, so it’s more polite to point your little finger down towards the bottom of the cup. Remember that “it is never considered polite to put your fingers through the handle nor to cup the bowl like a steaming mug”. Oh, wow.
Well brides, this is just some basic High Tea knowledge to grasp; there’s plenty more to learn but that’s the knowledge you’ll get from High Tea wedding planners. Trust them, they know stuff!

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