Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Chester Places : Tea on the Wall

I genuinely think it's impossible to live in or visit Chester and not be fascinated by "the walls". 2 miles of history surrounding the city centre. I've walked them with friends, slipped on them in snow (one hell of a bruise!) and watched fireworks from them but until recently 
I'd never really thought about eating there. 

Tea on the Wall was recommended by my new friend, Emma (general fount of all knowledge when it comes to Chester). So a few weekends ago we ventured into Chester in search of the perfect cheese toastie and soup combo (it's a thing!)

Tea on the Wall can be accessed from North Gate on the steps left of Porto/Joseph Benjamin. Which means if you sit in the right place you can get some beautiful views. The cafe is much bigger than a lot of the Chester cafes, I've said before that they tend to suffer from small premises. But you could easily fit a large group in. 

We were greeted and seated by friendly staff, although I did note throughout our visit that the lady who I assume was the owner/manager only tended to interact if you'd made a special booking, like the couple next to us who came in for afternoon tea. 

The menu looks a bit old when it's handed to you but had a really good selection of breakfasts, light bites and lunches.  Again, being a bad tea blogger I didn't order tea. But I definitely want to go back for Afternoon Tea. 

Instead, I ordered the soup of the day which was "gardeners" when I asked what this was, I was told it was "things you find in an allotment: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, potato". While I'm pretty sure lettuce doesn't work in a soup and I'm not sure this actually had lettuce in, it was a really good soup and perfectly accompanied by one of the best cheese and onion toasties I've ever had. 

The majority of the staff were very attentive. I hadn't ordered a drink at all but one girl came over and asked if I'd like a tap water, which was a nice touch. 

Andy ordered a coffee made using a monster coffee machine and a BBQ chicken baguette. Which was literally a baguette, some sandwich chicken and BBQ sauce. I really liked that aspect of Tea on the Walls, the food is simple and unfussy which makes for a really nice, relaxed lunch.  

We were really glad we got there for an early lunch (around 11.45) because as we came to pay the bill the tea shop was really filling up, which just goes to show how popular it is. A dog also ran in, ran around and then left while we were eating and I noticed they describe themselves as "dog and family friendly" which I love, but know not everyone would - so, fair warning! 

Overall, Tea on the Walls does look a bit dated in places and some of the service could have been improved but the general atmosphere is really nice, the food tasty and the location is perfect. I'd definitely visit again. Who's joining me for afternoon tea?

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