Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Liverpool Girl Geeks - Get Your Head Around Code


For those who don't know, I am an email marketer and  until recently I didn't realise I have a passion for women in tech/ girls in STEM (science, tech, engineering and mathematics). I'm also really passionate about personal and professional development. As a result, I've been following the work of Liverpool Girl Geeks for about a year and keep telling myself to get my butt into gear and attend their monthly "get your head around code" course.

Well, this month, I took the plunge. 

Liverpool Girl Geeks - Get your head around code

I arrived at Liverpool Science Park, 30 minutes early, naturally and tweeting my excitement (because if I didn't tweet, did it happen?) where I was greeted by my teacher, Alex. Together with four other ladies (two trainee primary school teachers and a database analyst) we had two hours to get our head around HTML, CSS and Javascript. 

I should add here, I have a very basic understanding of HTML, which I admitted was from building profiles in Neopets and, more recently, from a few quick tutorials from Code Academy. 

The first hour was a bit of teaching and understanding the "language" of each code and like all languages, there are nuances and things to remember. At the time, some it felt familiar and some of it felt completely alien and I wasn't sure I'd ever get my head around it.

But in the second half, we moved on to the practical. By the end of the hour, I'd added an extra form, styled it and added a picture. Now, I won't be winning any design award but not bad for an hours work. 

I came away feeling exhausted from the information overload but really excited that I'd learned a new skill which I hope to use in the future and develop upon. Whilst I don't think that our IT developers need to be worrying about their jobs (as if I could leave my team anyway!) it is a great feeling to know that I could confidently read and edit code if I needed to and I'm proudly displaying my stickers anywhere possible!

Amazingly, the course was only £20, which is a  bargain for learning a new skill, no?

As a cool side note, while we were doing all this, #womenintech was trending on twitter, it just emphasised how important and beneficial the work is that Liverpool Girl Geeks and similar are doing. 

What skill are you trying to develop at the moment?

The next Get your Head around Code event is November 10th. For more information check out all the Liverpool Girl Geeks events here. 

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