Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Guest Style Guide

How many weddings have you been to this year? So far we've been to 6 - and we have one more reception in October. It's a lovely problem to have and has been wonderful to see so many of our friends get married and it's brought back lovely memories from our own big day. But it can be expensive being a guest, can't it? For us, only one has been local so it's the travel, accommodation, gift, drink and.. the outfit! 

I told myself I'd just buy one really nice dress, splash out a bit and wear that multiple times. All the wedding were different groups of friends and I'm really not worried about being photographed in the same outfit twice. But that didn't happen. Instead, I'd have a tearful, fraught search of my wardrobe, frantically complaining that nothing fit me until Andy suggested we go shopping. Seriously, this happened twice. 

I also put one dress on five minutes before we were due to get picked up to find the strap had broken. Thankfully, we'd been at a wedding the night before (yes, 2 in 24 hours) so I had a quick costume change and thanked God it had happened then and not as I was doing the reading! 

The other issue I have is I was finding (ok, this may be paranoia) that everyone was commenting on how smart Andy looked (he of the never-ending suit collection!) while I felt frumpy and underdressed! 

Basically, I wish I'd read this guide from The Black Tux (online suit & tux rentals) sooner! It gives really helpful tips on what to wear, how to style your hair and make-up and how to accessorise. The perfect guide, not just for a wedding but any form or formal event. It's a definite "pin for later" and reminds me a little bit of a Princess Diaries guide to life I had when I was younger! 

The Black Tux

It got me thinking about my dream wedding guest outfit, and I so I thought I'd share some outfit inspiration in the hope that if you have any more weddings this year you won't be stumped too!

Vivien Of Holloway - Hawaii Dress

In my dream world, I can totally rock the 50s circle dress look! and also in my dream world all my dresses, including this one come from Vivien of Holloway (I'll settle for just one, honestly) and if I were to choose, I'd definitely pick this gorgeous Tropical Blue dress, it would bring summer sunshine even to the wettest of weddings (I've been lucky not to have had too many of those this summer!). An added petticoat layer underneath for added va-va-voom and I'll be hand-jiving on the dance floor all night (or doing my usual side shuffle, whichever!)

Team it with a wrap for the cooler nights and heels in well.. just about any colour would go with this dress but I'd probably stick with something neutral and I'd be the belle of the ball (apart from the bride, of course!!)

Now, who's getting married next?

This article was written in connection with Black Tux - Black Tie Done Right

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