Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Review: Wahaca Garlic & Chipotle Marinade

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I LOVE Mexican food. So I was very excited to find out Mexican food chain, Wahaca had released new Wahaca at home kits complete with taco kits and yummy, spicy marinades.

Wahaca Garlic and Chipotle marinade

With Andy out, meaning I could have fish and spicy food for dinner, it seemed the perfect time to try one of the new marinades: garlic & chipotle. 

It's so simple:

Pick what you're having: meat, fish, veg and marinade for upwards of 15 minutes (whilst playing the game of "how much can I do in 15 minutes!) 

Wahaca Garlic and Chipotle marinade

Then heat a pan and griddle/fry until the fish, veg or meat is cooked to your liking. 

Wahaca recommends serving in tacos with beans and rice and a squeeze of lime. But, since I was cooking just for one,  I went with rice, corn on the cob and salad - with spare marinade used as a dressing.

Wahaca Garlic and Chipotle marinade

The marinade has a gorgeous spicy, smoky taste that I could eat again and again, hence adding it to everything. 

Now, who's for tacos? Whats your favourite Mexican dish?

#WahacaAtHome Taco Kits are available at over 900 Tesco stores. 

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