Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Two Best Times to Blog for Me

Good Morning!

I've started something new today. Last week, as part of my training in my new job we talked about our "Ideal Week", a concept taken from Leadership blogger, Michael Hyatt. The Ideal Week plans exactly how your week will look so that you are proactively choosing how you spend your time. Whilst the Ideal Week won't happen every week it's important to strive towards it as much as possible. 

A lot of the training focused on when we're at our most productive and creative during the work day - which actually for me is probably an hour or two after I get into work (say 9.30/10- lunchtime and then again 2-4). But it got me thinking and when I spend time blogging. For me, I used to think "I'll blog in the evenings". But, by the time I'd spent all day in front of a computer screen the last thing I felt like doing was turning my laptop on and trying to write, again. 

So, I decided to dedicate two early mornings a week to both blogging and the Hubspot Certificate in Email Marketing - an online course. As well as carving out some time on a Sunday afternoon for some additional writing.

For some bloggers, 3-4 hours a week for around 3 posts a week just isn't enough. But, I write quickly, I've often got the ideas in my head anyway and I can spend any additional time polishing it up.

So that's why this morning I set my alarm for 6.30 for the first time. Whilst I've definitely developed better habits with getting up earlier in the last month, this still feels like a bit of a shock to the system - made easier by a warm flat and the sun already streaming through my window (and tea of course)- hopefully by the Autumn it will feel like such a habit it won't be a battle. For me, Tuesday and Wednesday seemed the obvious choice - I'm not dealing with a weekend sleep hangover on Monday, or too tired from the rest of the week to not want to get out of bed (I really love my job but some days getting up is a battle!).

How about you? When is your best time to blog?

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