Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Six Women who Inspire me to Work Harder

Do you have a mentor? I recently read in Elle magazine and then again on The Pool the importance of being mentored by someone younger than you. Lorraine Candy, editor of Elle said:  "If you work within a team I would highly recommend spending an hour or so a week talking through ideas with someone just embarking on their career". Now, I'm definitely just embarking on my career. I'm less than a year into the industry I want to be in and just 6 weeks into what I am already describing as "my dream job". I don't know if I inspire or offer any form of mentoring to those around me. I like to think I do or will have the opportunities to do so, but in the past few months to a year, I have been so inspired and developed by six particular women in their actions and writing. 

I could list so many women who inspire me, across all aspects of my life. But these are women who, particularly within my career and my personal development inspire me. 

Arianna Huffington 

I'm currently halfway through Ariana's third book: Thrive. It's a reminder that success does not have to come through working 80 hour weeks, pushing our bodies to the limit and not getting enough sleep. In fact, the opposite is true. It is a call to sleep, switch off, look after ourselves and avoid burnout. It might, therefore, seem strange to list her first in my list of women who inspire me to work harder. However, in a society where I am regularly told "your 20s are the time to work all the hours" or "you can sleep later", Arianna's words are not just encouraging but a solid foundation for my firm believe in making the most of annual leave, taking time out and not over working for the sake of working. 

Jo Elvin

I've been reading Glamour Magazine for so long and one of my most favourite parts is always Jo's editor letter. Her go-get-them attitude is so inspiring. Further inspiration comes from her Me and My Career interview in the guardian. Key points include: "just go for it" and "whatever you're asked to do is integral to the magazine.. do it with a smile on your face, immerse yourself in the magazine and soak it up like a sponge" - whilst her advice is for wannabe journalists I can't help feeling that it is so easily applicable to all industries. 

Gini Dietrich 

I've been reading Spin Sucks for nearly a year now and relish my daily boost of PR news and advice. But I also love Gini's posts on leadership, development and workplace. She has a firm stance on the correct use of email (i.e. don't unless you really have to - go speak to them face to face) and is also passionate about flexible working/teams. 

Within her role, Gini mentors and advises PR professionals on a daily basis but she also offers amazing advice through the Spin Sucks blog which has been so useful to me within y own career. 

Sheryl Sandberg

I'll be honest, I'm not completely  bought into the Lean In concept just yet, mostly because I just haven't read enough about it or researched it. 

However, the work Sheryl does both within Facebook and Disney (let's be real two of the coolest companies) inspires me: she's a pioneer for women within technology and encourages women to inspire and educate those around them. 

Marie Forleo

Every single one of Marie's weekly videos are inspirational and uplifiting. I come away so motivated to chase my goals and live the life I want. I mean, the minute you step on her website you are reminded "that the world needs that special gift that only you have", which is very motivational at 7am on a Tuesday morning don't you think?


This is probably the most personal on the list, hence the lack of last name. Call me a brown noser, but I am so inspired by my friend (and ok, boss) Jo. She has given me opportunities that have led to my career today, taken time out over the last year or so to offer training and advice to encourage my development. The work I did the other week around Ideal Week came from her. She inspires me both professionally and within my relationship with Andy. She has, and continues to, work so hard to be where she is today - whilst juggling a home life and gorgeous toddler.

Thank you, to the six amazing women, who inspires you?

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