Friday, 17 June 2016

Father's Day

It's Father's Day on Sunday and for the first time in I think.. 5 years...I will be with my dad! Which I am really, really looking forward to! In the meantime, I thought I'd take this opportunity to give a little shout out to my father and the other father figures in my life. I hope you'll forgive me a little emotion and sentimentality! 


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First off, I have only one dad. The other men below are wonderful but they are not my daddy. He is the first man I ever loved. My dad is endlessly protective, loving and supportive- I will never forget calling him with my A Level results and hearing him cry with pride over the phone, despite being in a supermarket in Crete. Yea, big Steve is a bit of a weeper!! 

He has taught me so much about working hard, reaching for my dreams and being proud of my achievements - he is still the first person I text with good news and the first person I call when I'm sad or stressed or need some advice. 

But it's not all serious, he is also so very funny and sarcastic (sound familiar) and he did a cracking job with his Father of the Bride speech. He is wonderful. Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I love you!



I should probably apologise in advance to my sister who I know will read this and cry. My grandad, Roly Downton, unfortunately, died 14 years ago. Prior to that, he was a rock for both me, my sisters, my mum and my nan. He never raised his voice, was endlessly patient with me and cheered the loudest for my successes- he even cheered for my fledgeling violin career when I think everyone else hoped I'd quit soon! I am immensely proud to be his granddaughter and my only regret is that he never got to meet Andy. Oh, and doesn't he look like Elvis?



My paternal grandpa, the wonderful Roy. Never have a met a kinder, sweeter man. He manages to squeeze so much love into a 30-second phone call (a quick hello, how are you? Before he passes the phone to my Grandma). He is so very strong, despite tragedy and dignified where there could be anger. He is also so very generous - I know he would give me the shirt off his back if I even mentioned I felt a slight draught. He probably won't ever read this but I hope he knows how adored he is by all three of his girls. 


Matt and Esther Photography

My fantastic stepdad, Rob. I'll admit 10 years ago I might have struggled to say that sentence but in that time, I have grown to love this man so much. He is not only a wonderful husband to my mum but he is servant-hearted - whenever I came home from university I knew I never needed to worry about driving back without my car oil and washer fluid being checked, come rain or shine he'd be out there checking before I set off again. He is also very funny. 

So thank you to four of the most wonderful men. You have all shaped me into the person I am today. Happy Father's Day, I love you!

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