Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Wedding Wednesday: White Wedding: The Morning

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!

I am FINALLY getting round to sharing the details of our own wedding and because there's so much I want to say there's going to be a lot of posts over the next few weeks.

The Details:

Who? Laura & Andy
When? Wednesday 30th December 2015
Where? Talbot Heath School, Bournemouth 

Today I'm sharing the morning preparations, a huge thank you to the ever so talented Matt, Esther & Lydia from Matt and Esther photography for the incredible photos I will never get bored of looking at them. 

I woke up at about 6.30 the morning of the wedding (an improvement on 4.50am the day before) to read a lovely Facebook post from my mum who then came up and prayed with me, which was a very special moment. 

The entire morning felt quite strange, like I couldn't quite believe I was getting married. After breakfast (I have no idea what I ate now!) myself and my sisters (bridesmaids) headed to the hairdressers. Now, confession time: I got my timings a bit wrong and maybe should have  allowed more time for the hairdressers. Cue a slightly frantic call from my mum when the flowers arrived and I wasn't there to sort out what was going where, and when I wasn't back for when the make up artist and photographers arrived, but nevermind, we bought the time back somehow.

As soon as I was back Tori started on my make up and my stepdad opened the prosecco. I absolutely loved my beautiful 1920s style make up, I'd quite like it if Tori could do my make up on a daily basis. 

Throughout the morning my sisters were filming using cameras from Shoot it Yourself, with some hilarious consequences. But Chloe did film me unwrapping my present from Andy, a beautiful heart necklace from Tiffanys. Not long after my dad arrived and I gave him his "father" and "bride" dictionary definition cufflinks. 

Then it was time.. the moment I had been the most concerned about, time to put my dress on. For those who don't know, I hated dress shopping so I was a bit worried I picked my dress just to stop the ordeal, and although it looks breathtaking on the hanger I was concerned it might not look right on me. I'm happy to say, I adored it and now want to wear it all the time! My dad seeing me for the first time was a very precious moment. 

A wedding morning would not be the same without a bit of drama and mine came in the shape of my veil. My beautiful veil was made of two parts: the veil and a decorated comb. My mum had been a bit stressed about it looking ok and staying in place because it hadn't when we practiced. So she pinned the veil in place like a dance show mum, only for me to point out the decorate comb needed to go there, cue mass panic (except from me, who I'm told was a very calm bride) when the pin wouldn't come out my hair. Stepdad to the rescue who cut the pin out with wire pliers (whilst I got told off for giggling!) 

Dress on, make up done, bridesmaids ready and it was time to go. But first, time for one more surprise, a beautiful Vintage Rolls Royce, a gift from my mum and stepdad to transport me, my dad and sisters to the venue. It was the perfect touch for the vintage feel. 

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