Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wedding Wednesday- If I'd had a Summer Wedding

Today I'm partnering with Paperless Post to answer the question "what makes a perfect wedding". Now, obviously.. I've just had a perfect wedding (in my humble opinion) and I can't wait to share all those details with you. But because I didn't want to bore you with all that just yet. I thought I'd share what I think would have made a perfect summer wedding. 

Choosing to get married in December meant different decisions on colours, dress length, accessories etc. So I hope you'll humor me with a few ideas I might have had if we'd chosen a different month.

Colours: I think summer colours can go one of two way: beautiful, bright, sunny colours or subtle, muted pastel colours and I'm a sucker for pastel bridesmaid dresses. Including these beautiful soft-hued dresses from Debut at Debenhams.  

Debut by Debenhams

and to add even more delicate details, beautiful pastel toned flowers for my maids and to decorate the barn I would no doubt be celebrating in (pinterest has a lot to answer for!!)

wedding flowers

Finally, my own dress: I don't think I could have resisted the vintage theme even if I had changed months, but I do think the summer lends itself to beautiful, tea length dresses perhaps with a pastel petticoat underneath.  Isn't this floaty, flirty number stunning?

What colour scheme would you choose for a Summer wedding?

Don't forget to check out Paperless Post* for a stunning selection of invitations and stationery for all your special occasions. 

 Fleurs Sauvages design

*this post was written in partnership with Paperless Post, I am committed to working only with brands I feel fit Twentea Something and my readership. 

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