Wednesday, 27 January 2016

My Book Bag - January 2016

Did you ever have a book bag when you were at school? 

My mum still has mine, it now houses old school photos and reports. But I used to love selecting a book from school and bringing it home with me to read. We also used to undertake reading challenges during the summer holidays.  

So, not that I need encouragement to read but I decided this year to undertake the Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge.  At the same time I thought it would be good to keep a record of every book I've read this year.

Now, please don't think it'll be a particularly comprehensive list. I recently listened to a podcast where the blogger explained her in-depth google doc spreadsheet which outlines. among other things:  gender of the author,  number of pages, cost (quite frankly I'd be terrified to total it up!) and country of origin. This will simply list the title and author and may be a little commentary.

I'd love you to join me in a year of reading and let me know what you are reading.

Whilst January hasn't quite ended yet and I'm a quicker reader, so feel like I could probably finish one book more I thought I'd give myself a head start: 

  1. Thirst (Ava Delaney #1) - Claire Farrell
    ( I started this in 2015 but finished it on Honeymoon)
  2. Dark Places - Gillian Flynn
    (Again, started in 2015. I'm excited for the film due out this year)
  3. Double Act - Jacqueline Wilson
    (Also started in 2015) 
  4. Five on a Treasure Island - Enid Blyton
  5. Five Go Adventuring Again - Enid Blyton
  6. Five Go to Smuggler's Top - Enid Blyton
  7. Five Go off in a Caravan - Enid Blyton
  8. Five on Kirrin Island Again - Enid Blyton
    (As you can see I had a bit of a throwback to books I loved as a child, as I said I've always loved reading but being reminded of books that helped me find that love was amazing, I'd encourage you to try it!)
  9. The One Plus One - Jojo Moyes 
  10. The Peacock Emporium - Jojo Moyes
  11. Paris for One - Jojo Moyes
    (sometimes, when I find an author I love I want to read everything they do. I'm really keen to read 'Me before You' but i'm holding out because I'm pretty sure the physical copy is at my mum's)
Currently reading:

Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefiining Success and Creating a Happier Life - Arianna Huffington
Chloe - Freya North 

Eleven books and counting isn't too bad for one month. I'll admit, I have my nook (e-reader) which makes getting books a lot quicker (and means I'm practically blind to what I'm spending). Of the list so far only one was a physical copy, so apologies to any  purists!

In terms of the Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge I've definitely ticked off:
  •  A book you can read in a day (I'm pretty sure I read at least 1 book a day on honeymoon)
  • A book you've already read at least once (any of the Famous Five, Double Act and the One plus One)

How is your reading list looking? What are you hoping to read this year?

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