Sunday, 23 August 2015

Review: We are Tea

We are Tea are an independent, ethical, multi-award-winning tea business based in London and after contacting them on twitter I was very lucky to receive a box of tea goodies for review* and also to share with you in my FIRST EVER COMPETITION which I'll be running very soon- keep your eyes peeled!!

Wednesday afternoon when I'd just been woken from my nap by the guy strimming hedges and I begrudgingly left my bed to try and get things done. The obvious tea choice therefore was Activitea- The Energising Tea

Activitea (from the Super Tea range) comes both in loose leaf form and also in beautiful, whole leaf tea bags. There is nothing I like more than a fancy looking tea bag and these are biodegradable. Tea when it's doing good is the best! 

Activitea contains: black tea, sunflower petals, red rose buds, rose petals, fennel, aniseed, liquorice root, cardamon, black pepper, ceylon cinnamon bits, ginger bits, cloves, ginseng. 

It smells amazing as soon as the packet is open and because the cinnamon, ginger & cloves it's like Christmas in a cup. Perfect is enjoy on it's own as a perk-me-up (and trust me it really is energising!) but also could be added to your mulled cider recipe! 

The second tea I tried was serenitea - the calming tea.  I tried this late one night when I couldn't sleep and felt really panicky. Ingredients are:  green tea, tulsi, apple pieces, melissa, orange peel, lemongrass, lime blossom tree, lemon verbena. 

I'm not normally a huge green tea fan as I find it quite bitter and have to add sugar or honey to make it drinkable but with the citrus pieces and peels this was really flavoursome and easy to drink. Definitely my go to for next time I need some chill time. 

What's your favourite herbal tea?

Check back soon for my review of the loose leaf English breakfast tea, tea infuser & daintea- the skinny tea! 

*I received this items free of charge in exchange for a review, all opinions are honest & my own. I will never review anything which doesn't fit with Twentea Something and will always be honest. Images provided by We are Tea as well as my own. 

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