Thursday, 6 August 2015

August Goals

Ok, I PROMISEEE August is the month I get my butt in gear with blogging!! Currently thing are a bit quiet here and here's why. But let's talk about what I had planned for July:

1. Get my stone & a 1/2 award- Nopeeee. I was doing really well and was 4lb away from my stone and a half award and then I did a bit too much socialising so that goal is a little further away. Obviously being on holiday isn't great for being on plan but I think that once I'm back I can get back there quickly. 

2. Declutter the house- I finally unpacked my suitcase of clothes and feel like the flat is a little less cluttered now. There's still some work to do. 

3. Start Coach to 5K or ANY exercise -  I did do this! I did week one, day one of coach to 5K but I'm not sure running is for me! I have invested in kettlebells, dumbells and resistance bands and have done two lots of circuits in my living room. 

4. Blog at least once a week - Wwelllllll... no...

Here's what I'm hoping to achieve in August:

1. Get my stone & a 1/2 award- I would love to be at target for Chloe's wedding in September but August is jam packed with social activities so I think aiming slightly smaller is the aim right now!

2. Be exercising 3 times a week for 30 mins- it's so easy to go in one burst and then not again for days or weeks but I want it to be regular commitment to see the real difference

3. Blog at least once a week & host a giveaway- all the plans are set I just need to actually get it down in a blog!

What are your aims for August?

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