Friday, 17 July 2015

Holiday Plans

Remember how I had a touch of wanderlust?

Well, I have GREAT news. We decided on a whim last week that we are well overdue some sunshine & a lovely relaxing holiday by the pool so we popped to the travel agents on Saturday and after a slightly bizarre experience where a guy in a filthy suit told us the only 4 night holiday we could afford was £1100 we managed to book ourselves a lovely few nights away for the first week of August! Yey!

Would you like to know where we're going? Good!!! I'm going to tell you...

Conca Azzurra Beach Resort

Conca Azzurra Beach Resort

We're going to the beautiful Conca Azzurra Beach Resort, Massa Lubrenses, Italy! Just along the Neapolitan Riveria, just outside of Sorrentto and a little up from the Amalfi coach.

It's an all inclusive resort so I am very much looking forward to sipping cocktails by the pool and not doing a lot else! We fly out first thing on Tuesday 4th August and come back late on Friday 7th. So we'll be away for our first holiday together over Andy's 25th birthday, which is perfect.

As I said, we'll mostly be hanging out by the pool and relaxing but we're also hoping to take advantage of the free excurcsion into Sorentto and if we're feeling particularly energetic we might try and visit Vesuvius or take a boat ride along the Amalfi coast. 

Conca Azzurra Beach Resort

Conca Azzurra Beach Resort

I can't wait! and I'll definitely be sharing more about our holiday upon our return. Are you going on holiday this year? Where are you going?

Photos from Thomas Cook used without permission. 

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Wedding Wednesday- Ruth & Tim- 28th May

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!

As you can probably tell from the date of this wedding I've been meaning to write this blog for a while. I decided since I'm attending a LOTTTT of weddings this year (including my own, did I mention??) that it would be great to blog about them and share some of my candid photos! 

Surrey Wedding


Who? Ruth & Tim. Ruth is a great friend from my university course. We share a mutual love for speaking our mind and berating ridiculous people. I remember her telling me about Tim at the start of our second year as we stood in Chester city centre handing out promotional leaflets. 

Farnham Park

Farnham Park

Farnham park

When? Wednesday 28th May 

Farnham Park

Farnham park

Where? Kings Church, Epsom followed by a reception at Northbrook Farm, Farnham 

Farnham park

Farnham Park

Farnham Park

The service was absolutely beautiful. Radiating their love of each other, their family and God. The sun was shining for  the photos, unfortunately I had to rush off to catch a train into London for a catch up with my sister. But I've seen the professional photos since.

Farnham Park

Farnham Park

Ruth looked stunning in her dress and her groom looked very handsome. Of course, I cried during the vows.. because, this is me!

Ruth & Tim

The details at the reception were amazing. Date night jars, photobooth, and... a PUDDING GARDEN!! The venue itself was absolutely stunning, I wish i'd booked to stay there. Anywhere which has peacocks is a winner as far as I'm concerned!

It was lovely to catch up with old uni friends and have a bit of a dance.

Farnham Park

Congratulations to Ruth & Tim and thank you for letting me share in your beautiful day. 

Farnham Park

*apologies for how dumpy I look!! I had some shoe issues. 

Thursday, 9 July 2015


If you didn't sing Samantha Mumba when you read that blog title then you need to stop reading and head to youtube! 

Anyway, Hi. How are you?

Ages ago I did a similar post to the one below and thought I'd share a little bit about what I've been doing whilst I've not been blogging:

Eating… This morning I had poached eggs and spinach on toast. Which took two attempts to make (I have a new egg poaching device!). Otherwise, cherries. Aren't cherries amazing?? 
Drinking… Tea, always! and I've started trying to drink 2l of water a day.With varying success. 
Missing…My family, I haven't been back to Bournemouth since April and I miss everyone. Also, my best friend Kate. It's a year since I flew home from America and that was with the thinking I'd be seeing her next month. Unfortunately we currently have no idea when I'll see her.  
Thinking… It's mostly been wedding plans, RSVPs, decorations etc. 
Thankful for… My fiancee, our new Church and friends. We spent a very enjoyable weekend celebrating our new friend Maria's birthday with lots of friends.  
Creating… I've not done a lot of creating recently. But I am enjoying using Canva some more. and I did make the following image for work.

Excited about… July & August. We have friends & family coming to stay for three weekends in July and then August is action packed with weddings, hen parties and friends. We also have a week off in August, I'm so excited for that!
Hoping… Hmm.. I've been a bit low about a few things recently so hoping that will pass. 
Watching… Fortitude- I can't quite get in to it. It's a lot of storylines and people to follow. Also Impractical Jokes, have you seen it? Andy is obsessed! 
Reading… Eeek. Nothing really. I have a list getting every longer including some for review! However, I have been listening to Harry Potter audiobooks. I reckon I've listened to about 40 hours worth and covered books 3-6.
Writing… Blog posts, as of today! 
Loving… Our lovely flat. It was so worth the wait. Also, now I'm 1 stone 2 lbs lighter I have definitely seen changes in my body which I love! 
What about you? What have you been up to recently?

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

July Goals

Hello All. Remember when I used to regularly blog?? I promise I'm going to start doing that again from NOW!

Twentea Something

Here's what I hoped to do in June:

1. Get my stone & a 1/2 award- Well no. But I did lose 4 1/2 lb. I threw a bit of a temper halfway through June when I didn't seem to be getting anywhere but then I turned it around and have started heading in the right direction! I did gain a pound at my last weigh in but was expecting that!! I've got 9lbs to lose and 9 weeks until Chloe's wedding. 

2. Track syns every day- No, I'm still not great at this! But I have massively upped my speed food and tried to keep track of syns as best as I can!

3. Start Couch to 5K- Well.. I downloaded the app! I am determined now I'm closer to target I want to start toning up and getting fit. 

4. Send out wedding invitations - Sent! And they're beautiful. and we've started getting RSVPs. Huge thank you to Andy who put up with all sorts of tears and tantrums as I tried to get them sorted. I'm going to do a whole post on them soon.

5. Get organised with blogging- Well, not really... let's be honest! But I did get a couple of posts up during June and I have started using a spreadsheet! 

Here's what I've got planned for July: 

1. Get my stone & a 1/2 award- I'd like to be losing 2lb a week so I can be at target near the start of August so hopefully i'll hit my stone and 1/2 award. 

2. Declutter the house- There's still things we haven't unpacked and there's piles of stuff everywhere. Decluttering and a bit of a deep clean is in order!

3. Start Coach to 5K or ANY exercise -  I'm not sure if I want to run or swim or both. Either way, I want to get started with getting fit and getting toned! 

4. Blog at least once a week - I have post ideas in my head, it's time to get them onto "paper" and also figure out why my phone won't upload photos. 

What are you hoping to do in July?

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