Monday, 1 June 2015

June Goals

Happy 1st June!!! How are you? Did you have a good weekend? 

What are your goals for June? You can read my full May Goals post here. But here's how I did:

1.. Get my stone & 1/2 award- Nope. I have not been doing as well with slimming world as I had hoped but I finally hit my club 10 and I'm aiming for a loss every week. There is about 14 weeks until Chloe's wedding and I want to lose between 10-17lb soooo here's hoping for a pound a week!

2. Move house- Yes! This happened. and it's perfect. I'm hoping to post more on it very soon.

3. Sort out a budget- I did a sort of budget at about 1.30am the other morning but I need to figure it out a bit better!

4. Find a fitness class/start swimming- Nope. :-( But more on that below! What is your favourite fitness class?

So what have I got planned for June?

1. Get my stone & a 1/2 award- see above. I sooo want this. 

2. Track syns every day- I swear this is my down fall. I need to be stricter about plan.

3. Start Couch to 5K- I think I'm going to sign up for Chester half Marathon, which is a year away so I think the training can begin now!

4. Send out wedding invitations - This is proving to be a bit of a nightmare. We're having problems getting them printed but I am desperate to get these out. As soon as possible. 

5. Get organised with blogging- I have been a bit AWOL and hit and miss with blogging recently but I am determined to get organised. Hayley from Tea Party Beauty tweeted recently how she uses spreadsheet to keep organised and it was amazing (I'm sure she won't mind me sharing either). I definitely want to be a bit more like that! 

What are your goals for June? 

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