Friday, 1 May 2015

#BEDM- What I did in April

Ok.. I really wasn't going to ... and I can't promise I'll stick to it. But for the second year in a row I'm taking part in #BEDM (blog every day in May). 

But before May gets underway.. here's what I got up to in April:

Branksome beach

Bournemouth beach

 We spent Easter weekend visiting my family in Bournemouth. There was good food and lots of walking along the beach. Have you ever visited Bournemouth? I yearn for the beach! The artsy breakfast photo is thanks to Andy. 


Being back in Bournemouth also meant walks in the field behind my mum's house. The current residents include two beautiful Shetland ponies. This is Charlie and he has the BEST hair. If you would like to adopt him for us we'd be very grateful, thanks! (I'm kidding.. sort of!)

wedding trial

The thing with planning a wedding 250 miles away from where we live and work is needing to squeeze every wedding bit into whenever we're back. Some people advised that 9 months before our wedding was too early for a make up trail. But I've always known this is exactly how I wanted my make up. So Tadahhhh! What do you think? Thank you to Tori.


Andy's contiki tour friends came down for a reunion in the middle of April and it was wildddddd. I couldn't keep up. But I did make sure I looked fabulous in this Miss Selfridge jumpsuit. I intend to rock this at weddings, parties, Bahmitzvas (if anyone is having one) this year.

afternoon tea
We spent another weekend in Bournemouth last weekend to celebrate my Nan's 80th and also get some more wedding planning in. Including our food tasting. How yummy does it all look? This isn't the final menu but it was definitely good to eat some free food and get to know our chef a bit more! Bring on the "in season" tasting.

What did you get up to in April? 

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