Saturday, 2 May 2015

#BEDM- May Goals


It's been a while since I've done a goals post but I did share my April goals on my Instagram as part of a slimming world photo challenge. Here's what I was hoping for:

Slimming world

So how did I do?

1. I definitely didn't get my stone and a half award. In fact, with April starting with a trip to A&E and then Easter weekend I was off of group for 3 weeks and definitely didn't make all good choices in the meantime. So the most I lost over the month was 2lb and I'm yoyoing again. So last night I weighed in at:

2. Hmmm. I'm still not much good at this. I'm usually way up on syns! 

3. Yes, I did try one! But I didn't LOVEEEEE it! I think I love pasta, potato etc. too much for me to enjoy it! 

4. Yes, the weather has been so nice and with our visits to Bournemouth, I've been walking a lot, even using 15 mins of my lunch break to walk. I also swam with my dad on Saturday morning and I'm desperate to get back in to swimming regularly. 

So what are my goals for May?

1. Get my stone & 1/2 award- I realyyyyy wanted to be at target for our engagement shoot next weekend but that's not going to happen (unless I lose 10lb in a week which I don't think is healthy) so.. smaller goals!

2. Move house- this is obviously out of my hands. But I reallyyyyy hope that next week is the week.Can you keep everything crossed for us please?

3. Sort out a budget- This fits in with number 2 really, once we're settled and know more about our outgoings I want to be a bit stricter on budget because I went too into my overdraft in April.

4. Find a fitness class/start swimming- self explanatory. What is your favourite fitness class?

What are your goals for May? 

p.s. Have you voted for my Style Secrets entry yet? 

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