Thursday, 9 April 2015

Swinging Sixties Style

What's your favourite era for style?

As you know I LOVEEEE vintage so was really excited when Glitzy Secrets told me about their new "Style Era" quiz, just a few simple questions and they tell you exactly what era you should be channeling and even better you can then shop your look!

I took the quiz and was a little surprised to be told that The Swinging 1960s was my era! Apart from dressing up for a history day back in year 11 I can't say I've ever given much thought to the 60s look! However, I have been watching a lot of Mad Men recently so perhaps that's where it came from?

Glitzy Secrets asked me to share a look which encapsulates the style of that era, and with moving house on the mind I decided to share some of my favourite Swinging 60s house decor. Who knows, perhaps our new flat will have some hippy vibes? 

Now, let's be honest.... a lot of the decor from the 1960s was pretty orange or brown, not usually my choice of colours! But all these pieces above have got stuff going for them. The lamp is fun and colourful and wouldn't look out of place now. The stool has been repurposed, and  who isn't a fan of a bit of upcycling? Everybody needs a good sideboard.. look at all those drawers! and finally.. THAT telephone table! I want one of these in the flat.. Remember when you used to have to stand up to take a landline call? Revolutionary! 

The inspirational Style Era quiz is now live, so have a go and tell me what result you get!

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