Monday, 30 March 2015

Our First Home

Black Diamond park

Today I'm sharing our "starter story" in conjunction with, a friendly and professional (two things I've found are important in estate agents as you'll see when you read on) who are based in NYC and are passionate about helping you to find a Home you Love.

 You know what they say, the course of true love never did run smooth. Never truer a word has been spoken when it comes to our first home. For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while you will know that since August I have been living with Andy at his mum's house and in October we decided to start looking for our own place. 

The day after we got engaged we met with a mortgage advisor and were told we could get an excellent rate if we proceeded quickly. Within a few day we'd booked viewings and were excitedly planning the next steps in our life. The second flat we saw was lovely: a 2 double bed room within easy distance of Chester city centre and the station. We were smitten and put an offer in. The only downside was it was tenanted until January, fine we thought.. get Christmas out the way and start the new year in our new flat! 

January came around and we started boxing up, whilst Andy chased the estate agent and solicitor (to little avail), we checked the flat again when the tenant moved out and although it seemed smaller than we had in our minds it was still exactly what we wanted! So we waited and we chased and we nagged. The estate agent said one thing, the solicitor said another.. nothing was being done, paper work which should have been done weeks beforehand was still waiting, unsigned. It was frustrating but we told ourselves a week or so delay was ok. But then it got ridiculous, phone calls weren't being returned, we were edging ever closer to March, I was booking days off work only to tell them two days before that of course we weren't moving so I'd be in after all. We thanked God we weren't in rented accommodation and had the flexibility to wait it out or we'd have been homeless. At one point an advert for an estate agents came on the radio and I actually cried.

We wanted the keys no later than 27th February we told them eventually, this would be a over a month after we should have moved in. We thought that would be plenty of time. The date came round and we heard nothing. By this point I was beyond fed up. I'd hoped to have been celebrating my birthday in our flat. Monday 3rd March dawned and still nothing, so we pulled out the big guns the phone call to say we would pull out should we not have a firm date soon was met with very little reaction. So we started the hunt again more out of curiosity than intention.

Then we found it. A 2 bed flat in a development we've always had our hearts on, having house sat for friends there. Opposite the train station and spitting distance from town. We booked to see it that night and came away feeling we'd found a much better (and cheaper) property. My biggest concern? Going through the process all over again! We pulled out of the first buy, changed estate agents & solicitors and started all over again. 

We're now nearing the end of March and things seem to be moving quickly, after a slight mortgage blip (best not to get me started, I get very feminist and angry about the situation) our mortgage was accepted last week and we're now waiting on contracts and a moving date. I am finally beginning to feel excited again. 

The first home is very special: from December it'll be our marital home and who know what the future holds for us there. That is what I've tried to remember at each obstacle. By the time we move in May this will have been a 6 month process but, we will have years of much happier memories in our lovely new flat!

What was buying your first home like? Have you had any moving nightmares? 

This post was written in conjunction with helping you to find a Home you Love. 

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