Monday, 16 February 2015

Money talks Monday- February

Hello Happy Monday! 

It's been a while since I talked money on a Monday. But I'm pretty proud of where my money situation is at right now and figured it was time for an update:

Nationwide Credit Card: Paid off and about to be cancelled. 

Overdraft: £500 - My overdraft was at £1500 but at the start of February I decreased the limit to £500 and I'm currently just in to my overdraft (it's an interest free overdraft for another 18 months so I'm not stressing too much about it) by about £100. 

Buttt.. i've got £600 in a separate account which I'm intending to transfer some over to try and keep in the black (or is it the red? I'm never sure..) 

Barclaycard credit card: I moved all my credit card debit from my nationwide card to this card because its 0% for 36 months. I WASSS doing really well at paying it off at least £150 a month and had got it down to £936.34. But thennnnn I needed to buy my wedding dress (which, by the way I obviously didn't pay full price for.. thanks quidco!!) so its currently at £1531.34 but I am confident that I can pay that off again even if I'm paying it off at least £150 a month that's completely paid off in about 10 months. I'm also hoping to use some of the money from quidco and also form the £600 in my separate account to pay this off. I have a plan!! 

Sainsburys credit card - ahhh. This is my inability to say no! I got coerced into getting a Sainsburys credit card whilst I was shopping one day. But I haven't received the pin yet and I'm pretty much going to cancel it as soon as I have all the paperwork (actually.. I really should just do it now.. I'm so bad at phoning banks!) 

It is feeling really good to be back in control of my money and feeling like within the next year I will be debt free (excluding student debt which I've yet to start paying for) I am still in need of budgetting lessons because I just can't stick to it. But I am working on lowering my month outgoings including getting my contact lens spend down from £18.00 to £12.40! and I am determined in March I will get into the habit of writing down ALLLL my outgoings!

So I don't think I'll be updating money Monday every month but hopefully next time I'll be even closer to being debt free! Hooray!

What are your budgetting tips?

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