Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year (again) if you missed it yesterday I reviewed 2014 which turned out to be an amazing year and now it's time to get excited about 2015 (I'm back to work today so I need something to be excited for!!!) 

2015 is already looking to be an incredible year: three big family birthdays- including a celebration in London in January, two family weddings (did I mention we're getting married? and so is my sister. EEEEK!), and our new flat. 

Have you made any new year's resolutions? I'm going to keep trying to review each month and set monthly goals but I also decided to set a couple for the whole year:

1. Get to my target weight
2. Pay off my overdraft
3. Start a savings account 
4. Start drinking water regularly 
5. Keep blogging 
6. Tick off some things on my 25 before 25
7. Learn how to use a photo editing programme. Any suggestions?

That seems like a pretty manageable list doesn't it? Well.. it's going to be a busy year as it is!!! 

How were my December goals?

1. Join slimming world- & make goals from there. 

I DID join! and I lost 5lbs in the first week and 1lb the next week. Yup 6lbs in a fortnight, not bad hey?? And then Christmas happened and I'm prettttyyyyy sure I've gained most of it back and won't getting my half stone sticker on Monday!! Buttttt I think once I'm back in a proper routine (i.e. not the lost space between Christmas and New Year) this will get easier again. We've also joined the gym (another, better gym) and I'm determined I will be getting fit and toned and wedding dress ready!! 

How was your December?

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