Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Christmas Traditions

Hello Lovelies

How was your Christmas? Do you have any Christmas traditions?

We have some as a family: namely watching Love Actually, eating cheese and potato pie on Christmas eve and then midnight service at church or having a specific present to open at the table on Christmas day. But this year, my first with Andy and my first waking up in Chester I knew we needed to make new traditions that we could recreate every year for the rest of our lives together (ahhhhhhh!)

So, on Christmas Eve we had a lie in and a yummy breakfast (salmon, scrambled eggs, bagels, mushrooms. Yum!) and then we headed to Chester Zoo. I'm not sure if the Zoo will become a tradition in itself but we had such a good time. Then we came back and the first traditions begun: I handed Andy a present which contained Christmas Onesies and films (Elf and The Nativity) and told him that every Christmas Eve we need to watch Christmas films and wear Christmas Jammies (yes, our life is a Pinterest board!) it also meant I got to open one present (that fact I'd made it all the way to Christmas Eve without opening one is a Christmas Miracle in itself!!). 

Then another tradition: a Chinese takeaway for Christmas Eve dinner. At this point I realised Slimming World was going out the window for the festive period!!

We were really lucky to be invited to a drinks party that evening so we spent the evening before Midnight service (where I performed as Juliet.. as in Romeo and Juliet, the traditional Christmas story!!) - slight confession.. we didn't make it through the entire service before bailing!! 

In the morning I woke Andy up by shouting CHRISTMASSSSSSS! and we opened our stockings (another tradition which we didn't manage to keep secret from each other!)

So that was our traditions. Our Christmas was wonderful.. we spent it with three families in total and I was totally spoilt! I'm not sure we'll ever travel on Christmas day again... although the journey took a lot less time than usual but it was worth it to spend the morning with Andy's family and the evening with one half of my family. 

So now tell me, what are your traditions?

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