Monday, 8 December 2014

And I go back to blog...

I'm backkkkkkkkk. Hello- how are you? Tell me everything that's new with you.

I last blogged properly (not my "I'm taking a break" post) over a month ago, here's what I've learnt from taking a break:

1. Bloggers guilt is real- the whole time I wasn't blogging I was thinking of blogging and wondering if I should be blogging and if anyone would read my blog next time I came back- so if you are reading, hello and thanks!

2. You can take the blog away from the girl but you can't take the girl away from the blog- or something! I've been thinking of posts and all things blog even whilst I was away.

3. Being away from a laptop is great- Part of the reason I took a break was because after a day sat in front of a screen I just didn't feel like turning my laptop on again.

4. Blogging is a bit of a bubble- I've read a few blogs whilst I've not been writing but for the most part I've stayed away from a lot of it, and I've quite enjoyed that! I love the blogging community but a break is nice.

5. The real world is fun- I've been enjoying life whilst not thinking "this would be good to blog about"- my life wasn't controlled by blogging, obviously and please don't think I don't enjoy blogging because I do I LOVE it but it was nice to have a break.

Have you taken a blogging break before? what did you learn?

Must we move on.. what's new with you?

Loads has happened recently:

  • we've had our mortgage accepted (and the news about stamp duty has made our week!) and now its just a waiting game.. our estate agent isn't exactly being forthcoming with ANY information (In that we phone and phone and phone and he doesn't reply!!) but it looks like we'll be moving in late January. 
  • We've booked our venue- I'm going to do a whole wedding update post but lots of exciting wedding things are happening- we have a venue, a date (all will be revealed on Wednesday) anddddd my beautiful bridesmaids have their dresses. 
What was your November like? and what are your plans for December? 

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