Monday, 3 November 2014

This Weekend we Went To... Mockingbird Taproom

I have three words for you: Bloody Mary Buffet!! 
and one more word: Brunch!

I'm a sucker for a new place opening up in town so was pretty excited to try out Mockingbird Taproom which opened in Chester three weeks ago. I've already been super impressed with their facebook presence which is how I found out about them in the first place. Plus I love brunch!

So we headed down on Saturday to check it out. Apparently, it used to be the Fat Cat (for those who know Chester) and is off the main stretch of town on Linnenhall Lane. 

Overall, the experience was really good.

The Bloody Mary Buffet is definitely the unique selling point of the venue (available Saturdays and Sundays) but there's also a lot going on in terms of food, entertainment and drinks. 

We both made up our own Bloody Mary's. Mine: double vodka, tomato juice, chilli sauce, ice, and a celery stick, herbs & pickled onion garnish.
Andy: Quad spice rum (he didn't taste the first double because he didn't stir!!), tomato juice, tobasco sauce, ice. What is your best Bloody Mary recipe? 

Mocking Bird Taproom

Mockingbird Taptroom

I quickly realised I didn't actually like tomato juice which isn't a huge surprise because I hate tomatos. But the experience was fun! I think someone should open a daiquiri buffet or something! 

We also ordered food- the feel of Mockingbird Taproom is meant to be "Pan-Gulf" so Southern America/Mexico and I could definitely see some deep south influences (I was going to be difficult to impress after my Kentuckian adventure!). I ordered biscuits, mushrooms & spinach- which comes with a poached egg & hollondaise (my favourite) and Andy ordered the Full Gulf Breakfast. Actually getting the food took a while, especially given that it was relatively quiet. But I can always excuse a new place for a few teething problems.

Plus, I was kept entertained by this slightly awkward twitter exchange! 

The food, though! Mannnn I have missed biscuits! My brunch was so yummy and filling! Andy loved his Full Gulf Breakfast- in fact, I think he wanted to take my ring and propose to the sausages- honestly, he was too full to finish them (perils of saving the best until last) but he said they were the best sausages he'd ever had! 



The service was attentive throughout although I felt a bit sorry for the poor girl serving us she seemed a bit nervous! The atmosphere was lovely and the lunch and dinner menus both look amazing. I also want to visit for their champagne table and soul nights! 

Definitely worth a visit and I'm always super impressed by any company who is active on social media!

What did you get up to this weekend? 

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