Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Wedding Wednesday- We're Engaged!!!

Ok.. So for some of you this might not be news but just in case you missed the memo..

We're Engaged!!!!!!!!

Please indulge me whilst I tell you allll about it!

First thing you need to know, I'm impossible to keep a secret from! Andy and I had been talking about getting engaged pretty much since day one and me and my stepmum had to engineer him having some time with my dad to ask his permission, so I knew it was coming! 

He told me a few weeks ago we were going for a posh meal with his Uncle & Auntie for his mum's birthday which got me a bit suspicious so I kept trying to trip him up! Up until Thursday I was utterly convinced he was going to propose and then I started second guessing myself.

On the drive he tells me his Uncle told him to bring a present for his mum to open at the meal (which seems an odd request given we live with her and we'll see her on her birthday!). He told me he'd bought the Great British Bake Off book and it had a really obvious spelling mistake- bear with.. there's a reason for this!

Anyway we arrive at the beautiful Willington Hall Hotel which is set in the most beautiful gardens. We're really early for our meal so I suggested a little wander around. As we're walking toward a bench (me hobbling.. heels and shingle doesn't work, hey ladies?) Andy suddenly remembers he forgot the book and apparently HAD to get it right away!

He hands me the book and tells me to look for the mistake.. five pages in there's a letter from him which continues in the next page (by this point I'm crying) and then it says "My girl behind the red door" (a One Tree Hill reference) and the next page is a red door which opens to reveal the pages are carved out and inside is my beautiful ring. Which has takes off me and gets down on one knee with it... *sigh*

Honestly, I don't know what he said or how he actually asked.. I completely zoned out and was just so emotional. I wanted to say yes and put my ring on! 

Obviously I said yes and my beautiful ring: palladium with two diamonds and an amethyst is on my finger when he tells me we're staying at the hotel and my stuff is in the car. Eeeek. As it turned out we were staying in the FOUR POSTER ROOM. I felt like the lady of the manor. & Andy bought me new PJs to wear because apparently I once told him i'd want that if we stayed in a hotel after he proposed (I honestly don't remember saying that.. he's incredible!) 

Then the mammoth task of ringing my huge family and a few friends to tell them (I had next to no Wifi or signal and low battery). Cue lots of screaming and celebrations as we sipped champagne (and a guest complained to her friends about "young people always on their phones"). I basically told EVERYONE I spoke to at the hotel and also just stared at my left hand the whole night.

I am unbelievably happy. I honestly can't believe how much my life has changed in the last 10 months! I would also like to say a huge thanks to our friends and families for their lovely messages, tweets, comments and phone calls. We're feeling very loved!

No firm wedding plans as yet, but I'll keep you posted! 

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