Monday, 8 September 2014

When your Twin Sister Gets Engaged

Oh friends, so much happened whilst I was missing in Blogging action (MIBA).

So it was about 10pm on Bank Holiday Monday and having spent the weekend in Bournemouth I was driving back to Chester. It was wet, dark, I was somewhere outside of Birmingham and trying to find my motorway exit when my mobile starts ringing. With a foreign number. Naturally... I panic!! My first thought is.. what's happened to Andy? (we'd spoken half an hour before when I'd stopped to get petrol but yanno...) anyway being the responsible driver that I am I rejected the call and figured if it was important they'd leave a message or phone again. Within a minute my voicemail flashes up. Well, I'm seriously panicking and with my hands as free as possible I check the voicemail

"Hi Laura, It's Chloe. Call me back when you get this, love you" 

My identical twin sister. Firstly, she has the cutest phone voice! Sometimes, I just ring her and hope I get her voicemail. Secondly, this was a call I've been waiting for for the last year! To the point where she got so fed up with ringing me and listening me to answer with such trepidation she got in to the habit of quickly assuring me she was "just ringing for a chat".

You see, Chloe has been with Duncan for two years now and the marriage chat came up pretty early and so i've been waiting for baited breath for THE call. and since she was in France at the time (hence the foreign number) I figured this phone call probably wasn't "just for a chat".

As sod's law would have it I could find no service stations for agessss. Only signs that said "refuse areas for emergencies only"- and I just didn't think that the police would see my sister getting engaged as an emergency! Finally, I find a service and it's pouring with rain and i'm desperately trying to ring her back. I rung twice, freaking out thinking I was going to miss her and knowing I still had at least an hours driving to do. Finally on the third attempt she answers and I say "So, just calling for a chat?" then I get to hear the words... "Actually, I'm getting married!" AHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Ok, so since I've been driving to find a services and stressing about getting hold of her and preparing myself for like the last year for this phone call I was worried I didn't come across as excited as I should have done. But let me tell you, I TOTALLY am! In fact, when I finally got home I was so grateful Chloe couldn't sleep so she could let me know all the details of the proposal (I'm going to let her share that with you in a different post) and then I had to sit on this exciting news for what felt like ages until they got back in the country and told the last remaining friends and family who deserved to know in person(or not on facebook) but when it was made facebook official... You know.. I CRIED!

This girl is literal soul mate and my best friend EVER and she's going to be marriedddddd. AHHHHHHHH. I love my sister, I love weddings. It is all so totally perfect. And of course, I'm maid of honour!! 

Until next time...

How did you feel when your sibling/best friend got engaged?
What's your top Maid of Honour tip?

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