Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wedding Wednesday- Chloe & Duncan's Engagement Story

Hi Poppet! Don't you love a wedding? Today I got my second save the date for 2015.. two weddings in one week!!

& don't you love a love story?? Yeaaa. Me too!

Remember my beautiful twin sister? Remember how she got engaged in France and I had to find somewhere to pull over on the M40? Well, she's sharing her beautiful engagment story today... tissues at the ready

During our holiday in France, we went for a romantic meal to a restaurant called L’Hostal in Castelnou. Castelnou is claimed to be “the most beautiful village in France” and I am inclined to agree. It is gorgeous and from our table in the restaurant you can see for miles and miles and miles.

Anywaaaay… we had an absolutely amazing meal. I had the biggest “half” camembert I’ve ever seen and then pork cheek which is soon becoming my favourite food… oh and a trio of desserts (because why choose one dessert when you can have three?). But I digress… having spoken about getting married a lot in the lead up to this meal, and taking in the romantic atmosphere (and 2 bottles of good French wine) I was sure Duncan was about to propose… and then he didn’t during the meal. I was a little bit in shock.

South of France
Castelnou & our restaurant

Following the meal (and whilst I was still composing myself from the shock) we went for a walk further up the hill (not an easy task in stilettos) and Duncan was taking pictures of the view (and of me!). Having walked as much as I could bear, we sat down on a wall whilst Duncan fiddled around with his camera. He handed me a little envelope saying “can you hold this for a second” to which I replied “Yes… but what is it?” Having been prompted to, I opened the envelope to a little card that read “Chloë will you be mine?” and I turned back to Duncan to see him on one knee with the ring box open.


Cue crying, and smiling and of course an exclamation of “yes!” then a little run to the light where I could see my ring better followed by another exclamation of “YES”. Amazingly, he’d managed to make an engagement we’d spoken about so many times a complete surprise and so amazingly romantic!

How perfect? I love hearing engagement stories. Please share yours below. 
And Congratulations again to my favourite couple Chloe and Duncan.. I am SO excited for the wedding fair this weekend!

Whilst we're talking weddings I'd love to introduce... Matt & Esther photography... 

Esther, you might remember from her wonderful blog Dear Friend London is a good friend of mine. The three of us were on the same gap year which is where they met and fell in love and now they're creating beautifullll photos together, especially gorgeous wedding & engagement photos. 

I for one am crazy proud of my friends and how talented they are and think you should click the logo above and go see for yourself just how amazing their photos are! Plus, if you're planning a wedding their rates are ridiculously reasonable (trust me, for someone who is not yet engaged... I've researched this kind of thing!)

Happy Wedding Wednesday

Until next time...

P.s. don't you think my sister should start blogging?

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