Saturday, 6 September 2014

Twentea Something Launch!!


EEEEK. I am SO excited.

Rebranding my blog to Twentea Something has been a three month process and I am so excited that it is all done and I am SO proud of my little blog and how shiny and new it all looks.

Firstly, thank you to Callum (Yummy Custard) and Hayley (Tea Party Beauty) for their amazing skills. Callum is a friend of mine from university and also a graphic designer (these are handy people to be friends with!) and I am SOOO impressed with his work. I gave him the briefiest of all briefs and he just rannnnn with it to make my banner, button and facebook cover picture. Honestly, I welled up when I first saw a sneak peek. He also put up with me being super fussy and asking for changes. Next time you need some graphic design work doing, Callum is definitely your guy. Also, on my invoice he put me as "founder of Twentea Something" at which point I welled up AGAIN It feels kind of awesome to put my name with a brand!

and Hayley.. wow! Superb blogger and totally talented designer- I stumbled upon Hayley and her lovely blog just at the right time! She has worked super hard to polish the rest of my blog template up and give my blog shiny buttons and things!! She has been super patient with me as well, so thank you Hayley. Again, check out her site if you're thinking of sprucing up your blogger site. 

Who else can I thank? (sorry this is a little gushy) Well thank you ALL who have already followed me on twitter and liked my page on Facebook. Since I first launched the concept of "Twentea Something" in July the support and feedback has been fantastic. Special thank to my Dad, Mum, Chloe, Andy and the girls from my Twenty Something Blog group for being a sounding board and critiquing my vision and the art work throughout. Your feedback is invaluable.

I am really not trying to make this sound like an Oscar speech but you know.. it's unlikely I'll ever make the podium so I think I should make the most of it!

So what is the vision for Twentea Something? My blogging style will not change! But I want it to feel like you're coming round for a cuppa with a good friend for a nice catch up. Basically, the kettle is on and there's always cake!! 

and what's coming up? I've been working with a couple of brands recently to produce some reviews, which is totally new and exciting. Otherwise, being away from blogging (for like three weeks) means I have SO much to share! So please keep checking back for posts.

and if you're not already following, here's those important links: Twitter I Facebook I Bloglovin'

Until next time....

What do you think of the rebrand?

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