Saturday, 27 September 2014

Tips for Freshers

Oh loveliess... it turns out I have actually graduated and I'm not going back to the University of Chester this weekend. Boooo!

But it got me thinking about what I'd tell "fresher me" if I could :

1. Enjoy freshers week- I wish I'd made the most of my freshers weeks..not necessarily getting very drunk but just going out, making new friends.

2. Get to freshers fair early- and bag all the freebies, as much as you can!

3. Sign up for everything - Seriously, make this the time you try a new sport or club. Make the most of tester sessions.

4. The friends you make now, might not be friends forever- Be cautious. Most of the people I was close with when I finished university were people I met around Christmas or later. Keep your guard up a bit, I made this mistake.. it was horrific. 

5. Get out of your room- spend time with your housemates, get to know them, cook together.

6. Get to know your city- Chester is beyonddddd beautiful! And there is way more to it then clubs! Get to know your city, explore, take in the culture, make adventures.

7. Make friends with non students- Are you part of a church? Get to know people who aren't students. Since I got together with Andy (a native Chesterian) I've got to know the city more and explored more. It's good to get out the bubble!

8. First year does matter - You will probably hear "You only need 40%" a lot!! BUT work hard in first year and the jump to second year won't feel so bad! Good habits breed good results.

9. Make the most of the time off- Jheeez. I'm now realising how much time I had of doing nothing throughout uni and I miss it. Make the most of it... sleep in, watch netflix back to back, do what you like... it's actually ok to live up to the stereotype!

10. Volunteer/Get some work experience I was lucky that my course included work placements so I got lots of work experience alongside my use some of that extra time to volunteer, join a society, get some work experience.. boost that CV

11. Don't spend all your loan at once Seriously, it will look like a lot of money. Most of mine went straight out on rent but I wish I'd saved some of the rest of it and used it for something that wasn't clothes from Primark.

12. Work during the holidays.. or travel Again, make the most of the huge break (it'll come around sooner than you're thinking right now) Work, or travel.. don't waste it.

Yea.. that's my best tip.. don't waste it

What would be you advice to your fresher self?

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