Friday, 12 September 2014

Staycation Liverpool - Day 1

Morning Lovelies

This is the second post about our "staycation" in Liverpool. You can read the first here.

So this is bit more about what else we go up to. 

We arrived on Tuesday a bit too early to check in so we went for lunch at Bill's- I recently read on the blogosphere that everyone loves Bill's and I certainly do!! We weren't feeling massively hungry so we ordered bits to share: crispy lemon squid, crab, chilli & prawn fish cakes, chips & stem broccoli with red chilli &  sesame seeds. It was all really yummy and got eaten far too quick for any photos. I definitely want to eat more broccoli with chilli & sesame seeds in the future!

After a quick perusal of the room and an attempt to use Netflix in our room (see hotel post for details) we decided to go for a wander around the docks. Did I mention I love Liverpool? It has got a city vibe but it's also really, really pretty! We bought an ice cream from a van and then had a wander around. 

 There was also some kind of gathering where people were dancing and drumming and wearing amazing brightly covered clothing. I have no idea why, but it looked like a lot of fun!

We headed back to the hotel where I had my first dip in the double whirlpool jacuzzi bath before watching a bit of TV and getting ready for our dinner out.

How do I look?

I found a Groupon deal for The Monroe restaurant  ( 2 courses plus a glass of wine each) so we hopped on the train (and established later it was walking distance). Ok, here's the thing.. if you are ever in Liverpool or ANYWHERE near by. Go to The Monroe. It was sooo good. Again, the food was so yummy I didn't even bother to take photos. Although their website is pretty good for giving you an idea. 

There were a few issues. My starter arrived without the chutney and then our main's arrived and Andy's wasn't what he ordered. But the staff were really good at sorting this out. Andy's main was prepared again so took a while but for our inconvenience they gave us any extras we ordered on top of the deal (the additional £5 for Andy's meal and his cider) off of the bill so we effectively only used the voucher. Not bad for some of the best food I've ever had! I wouldn't honestly go out of my way to go for dinner there again. The staff were amazing too, and genuinely shocked when we tipped them!

After a lovely leisurely walk back to the hotel we watched a bit more TV, I utilised the jacuzzi bath again and sipped prosecco and then we called it a night.

Next time I'll be talking all about day two. Keep your eyes peeled!

Have you ever been to Liverpool?

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