Monday, 29 September 2014

Mirabilia Organic Olive Tea

Now friends.. if you're reading this you probably know I am a HUGE tea fan.. that is not a spelling mistake in my blog title, no, no.. I LOVEEEEE tea! So when I was given the chance to try Mirabilia Organic Olive Tea* (say that 10x faster) I jumped at the chance.

It's taken me a little while because I lost my tea infuser during the move but Derby day seemed like the perfect opportunity to sit down with a nice cup of olive tea!

So a little bit about these teas:

They are made on farms in Abruzzo, Italy and have massive health benefits because they're caffeine and tannin free. The tea has 4 x more antioxidants than green tea as well as being anti-biotic, anti-viral and anti-fungal anddddd proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol ANDDDD it's said to aid weight loss! PHEW!

Now, I read all the spiel and thought that's all very welll but will it taste ok? I've recently started drinking more herbal and fruit tea and I'm a huge chamomile and honey tea before bed fan. But I do think some herbal (and weight loss) teas can taste like plant water. Bleughhh. 

So the pack arrived, in lovely packaging and I decided to give it a whirl (thanks to the helpful pack instructions)


Kettle boiled & tea (a pinch of what is effectively dried leaves and twigs!) in the infuser (thanks to my old housemates for the cutest infuser EVER!) the pack said to leave it for 5 minutes!! Which is an awfully long time to wait for tea.. Butttt you'd be amazed what I got done as I was waiting!! 

I went back after a bit, gave the infuser a bit of a turn and it still looked  a bit pale so I left it a bit longer and then decided that was quite long enough, thank you.

The verdict? It tastes GOOD! Like really drinkable and not at all like olives (I LOVEEEE olives too) and it doesn't dry my mouth out the way some herbal teas do BUTTT it was incredibly weak! The pack says a pinch will make two cups easily but that's definitely not my experience. Next time I'm going to pack the leaves in to my infuser and let it steep for as long as humanly possible! 

BUTTT unlike a lot of herbal teas it doesn't need anything additional like honey or sugar it tastes great just as it is and even better.. it comes in a resealable pack (Nothing worse than loose herbal tea going everywhereee!). 

Well worth a try and a great alternative to your builders brew!

How do you take your tea? 

For details on where to buy Mirabilia Olive leaf tea click here

*Products marked with an asterix have been kindly sent to be for review- but I will never review anything which I don't think is relevant to my blog and I will always be 100% honest. 

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