Saturday, 9 August 2014

Juice Detox- Live Blog- Day 1

Morning Beauties

If you haven't read my juice detox intro blog then go now . Are you back? Ok I'll begin! 
Since I will have a lot of spare time over the next two days I decided that at least for Saturday & Sunday's juice blog update I would try and live blog. So you can either keep checking back throughout the day or check back at the end of the day/three days to see how I've got on!

10am I slept pretty badly last night- stayed awake to talk to Andy until about 3 am and then battled sleep. Was woken up at 8.30 by.. guess who? Yes, my lovely (drunk) boyfriend ringing me on viber all the way from Colorado. It was a pretty good wake up. But I tried to sleep some more until someone, somewhere in the block of flats I'm staying in decided to start drilling. So I gave up! The guide says to sleep when you want to sleep and since I never need an excuse for napping I think that's what my afternoon will look like. So I got up and weighed myself on the Wii fit- I won't say how much but I will say I'm not happy with it! and I will report back on loss when I finish. Now i'm drinking my hot water and lemon and I'm about to watch the coaching video. 
Obviously, right now I'm no hungrier than any normal Saturday morning but it feels odd that I won't be having a cooked brekkie or toasted tea cakes!

11.45am I wasn't really hungry by 10.30, which is pretty normal for a weekend so i went to buy... a juicer! Yea, so.. slight confession! I didn't own a juicer until this morning. I was just going to blend and strain but the more I read and the more I thought I decided I needed to get a juicer. I managed to get one, with good reviews from Argos for £19.99 which is pretty good, hey? I will say that juicing is not cheap! But I'm determined it'll get used (not just this weekend). I also bought a set of kilner jars to store juices in especially on Monday when I'm working. Argos took a while so by the time I got home I was ready for a juice. 
The juicer was pretty easy to set up but the fruit and veg prep took a while! I think I might pre prepare everything for my lunch drink. 

This mornings drink is the "detox special" which contains lemon, apples, carrots, celery, cucumber, yellow pepper, beetroot and avocado. I completely forgot that beetroot stains everything!! I'm meant to have used raw beetroot but I couldn't find any, sorry Jason Vale! 

The juice is actually really nice and the avocado has made it thick more like a smoothie. I've watched the first day training video which is meant to help, i'm not sure how much right now! 

Now the clean up.. which I think might be the worse bit!

3pm The clean up really didn't take as long as expected and after that I had a tidy up of the house and cleaned the rabbits out (glam existence) I was feeling pretty sleepy so tried to nap but the drilling started again so I was pretty grumpy. I got up and did 30 mins on the WiiFit and actually felt better. By then it was 2.30 and I hadn't had my second juice (it's meant to follow a breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner routine- I think mine is being pushed back a bit). Same juice as this morning: "detox special"- I didn't think I liked beetroot or avocado but apparently I do in a juice. I tried to organise myself a bit better this time and it felt a bit smoother. 
I don't feel hungry and I only had my juice at 2.30 because my stomach was beginning to growl but I do feel a bit.. empty?? I can't really explain it.

It's also weird not just putting the TV on I thought I didn't watch a lot of TV but I feel like I've probably got it on in the background a lot. 

This afternoon feels a bit empty and although I got to speak to Andy for a bit he's now off on the bus and rafting so I won't have that distraction either. I think I'm going to try and get in to my book, do some blogging bits and generally organise myself. Any tips for keeping busy?

6.45pm I've had a nap- which I woke up feeling groggy from and been for a walk which I'm counting as my second amount of exercise. I still haven't felt massively hungry but figured I'd make my third juice now before it got too late. This one is the H20 detox drink which contains water, lemon, apple, pineapple and beetroot. I was just about to write and say that I thought my machine was broken (it did actually have a problem with a slice of beetroot) but the real problem was I can't read. I mixed the juice with 75ml not 750 and was wondering why it hadn't yielded that much to drink! I have since mixed it with more water (my bottle only goes up to 650 so I guess I'll add some more in a bit). It's a really nice juice! The pineapple adds some nice flavour- definitely one I'll drink post detox.

I've decided I'll probably break the no TV rule and put a movie on later. But if it's not too trashy that's ok right? I have been taking photos of my juices and i'll post them later. Tell me about your day, please!

9pm This marks my final post from day 1. I'm not hungry! In fact I don't feel like I need my final juice of the day, so for now I'm leaving it! Other side effects? My mouth feels a bit dry but I'm going to keep drinking water, I've had a bit of a headache but it's been manageable and I've been tired but no more than if I'd had a bad nights sleep, which I did.

I'm not saying this like it's perfect- tomorrow might be really difficult. I've had a few moments of "oooh It'd be nice to eat that" but I haven't got to a point of really missing something and I've definitely had days of normal eating habits where I've felt more hungry. So we'll see what tomorrow brings!

Until next time...

A Harvest of Blessing

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