Monday, 11 August 2014

Juice Detox - Day 3

Hello Lovelies

This is posted slightly later and not a live update because today I had work and carried on my juice detox. 

I'd set an alarm for this morning thinking I'd get some exercise done but whatever bounds of energy people who do this detox have spoken about hasn't yet come to me and bed won! I did have my breakfast juice though (I drunk the sludgy one at home to save embarrassment) then grabbed all my others and headed to work.

Resisting tea was especially hard particularly as I had one made for me! But I stayed strong with my hot water and lemon. I didn't get hungry until at least 12 when I decided I should probably have my extra mid morning juice and then obviously had my lunch juice. Again, I wasn't feel especially hungry and was more the fact that I'd made them up and I was supposed to take a lunch break.

I did get hungry around 4 ish but had a juice on hand and that tided me over. I managed to go shopping and even then not feel especially tempted. I can't lie though I'm excited to actually eat something solid tomorrow. I feel like I've missed chewing!

I made up double of my dinner juice which was meant to be halved for tomorrow morning but honestly it was so good that I just drunk it all.. I know, such a luxury! 

So again.. today I haven't felt massively hungry, I've felt a bit tired but no more than a normal Monday and I do still have a headache which is on and off. I also did some Wiifit which I'm really enjoying and kind of upset that I won't be living in the same house as one from tomorrow- it might be an investment I need to make! 

On Wednesday I'm going to write a final post of the results i.e. weight loss, general feeling and consequences of doing the fast. But I will say it's been easier than I expected it to be and it's definitely something I'd recommend to people to do. But I am excited for something solid tomorrow even if it is a salad!

Click here to catch up on juice detox: introductionday one and day two.

Until next time.... 

p.s. a very happy birthday to the beautiful Esther from Dear Friend London

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