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This Weekend we went to... Alton Towers

Morning Lovelies

Happy Saturday. Are you enjoying the sunshine?

Can I blame the sunshine and a busy week for being a lazy blogger?

Anyway last weekend my lovely twin sister, Chloe and her boyfriend, Duncan came up to visit. Chloe had already arranged to come up but then as I was sorting out my room a few weeks ago I found four free tickets to Alton Towers that I'd won on twitter last year! I'd 1) forgotten about them and 2) thought they'd be out of date by now! Anyway it was decided we'd go last Sunday.

The drive to Alton Towers from Chester is pretty easy although the SatNav takes you through a ton of Staffordshire countryside to the point of about 4 miles away me saying "are you sure this is right? We haven't seen signs in a while". So we got there and here's something we didn't know... parking isn't free! This mattered less to us because we had free tickets and we'd bought a packed lunch but an extra £6 on top of tickets (which are realllly expensive as it is) is pretty steep! 

Our free tickets should have included unlimited fast pass for the Smiler ride but they only gave us singles which was ok, honestly, given that we got there as the park opened and left after it closed we still wouldn't have had time to go on again. 

So without boring you tooo much here are some of the rides we went on:

Smiler- their newest ride. It's the World's first 14 loop rollercoaster. It was pretty good. Apart from poor Andy freaking out next to me (rides are not his thing). I'm not going to lie by the end of the day I'd pretty much forgotten about the experience so I can't say it's the best ride ever.

Oblivion- Here's a side note about Oblivion. Riding Oblivion is like completing a childhood ambition. We last went to Alton Towers in 2001 - we were 9 and short. Slightly too short for Oblivion. So whilst Mum and Sam (older sister) queued for and rode Oblivion we went on the pirate boat and swan boats with our grandparents. So this was like ticking off my last act of childhood!! and I LOVEDDDD it! This was the only ride we went on twice. 

Hex- Completely bizarre. Like a virtual/simulation/acting experience with a ride inside the towers themselves. Came out not really sure what had just had just happened. 

Rita- Takes off realllly fast. That's actually all I can remember. 

Th13rteen- Oh my gosh!! Noone warned me. I had a guy who worked for Alton Towers sat next to me who just said "I won't tell you what happens" and for those who've not been.. I won't tell you either. But it involved me saying "OH WHATTTT?"

Duel- One of my favourites. Haunted house/laser quest styley. It was a lot of fun but be warned stuff jumps out at you! And I beat Andy so that's the most important thing. 

Flume- Actually one of my favourite. Partly because Andy came on. There was one unexpected drop in the dark which confused us all. And we did get VERY wet (but it was a lovely day, so no drama). 

Also best photo of the day:

Ice Age 4D- Again, this was sooo much fun. Although the glasses wouldn't stay on my face over my normal glasses! Made me want to watch alll the Ice Ages. 

Nemesis- Good, bit anticlimactic. I think I prefer Nemesis Inferno at Thorpe Park.

Air- Noone told me you lay forward on this!! (Ok I vaguely remember the advert). I didn't enjoy this.. wayyyy too close to everything. 

The Blade- Pirate boat style ride. My stomach didn't love it. I did. Ohhh we rode this twice actually because there was no queue. 

Sonic spinball- Good, but again not really great. Can see why it'd be good for kids too small for the big rides.

All in all it was a realllyyy lovely day. Alton Towers itself is really pretty as are the grounds. Three rides (Oblivion, Sonic Spinball & Rita) broke down whilst we were queueing- actually Oblivion broke down after we got off, with people stuck at the top. But they were fixed quickly and I'd probably have been more bothered if we'd paid for the tickets. The only problem with rides breaking down is unless everyone chooses to stop queuing you're kind of stuck!! Also the announcements are realllyyyyy quiet. 

We decided to get dinner on the drive back to Chester. Again here's a tip. ALLLLL the pubs nearby stop serving food at about 6 on Sundays- which seems silly to me given anyone driving North of Alton Towers will pass them by. Worth knowing if you ever visit..

Have you ever been to Alton Towers?

Until next time....

*All photos (except the Flume) are taken from the Alton Towers website.

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