Friday, 25 July 2014

The Liebster Award

Hi Lovelies

I totally want to tell you allll about our Sunday at Alton Towers and just update you on life generally. But I'm a lazy blogger right now!! So instead Claire from 24 hours from home, one of my best blogger friends (remember her blog chat Tuesday?) nominated me for "The Liebster Award". 

Now you don't get a medal or anything when you get nominated for this award (pity). But here are the rules:

- Thank the blogger who nominated you
- Answer the questions they sent you
- Nominate 11 bloggers to answer your own set of questions (under 200 followers)
- Contact them, by commenting on a recent post

So here are Claire's questions for me: (you can see her original post here)

  1. 3 desert island items
    Tea bags, kettle, milk (I'm just sooo practical).
  2. If you could take a flight anywhere tomorrow (money is no object), where would you go and why?
    Italy or Antarctica or Australia. EEEEEk. I don't know!!
    Italy because I'm desperate to visit. Antarctica because it would just be amazing to visit but probably not somewhere I'd pay to go and Australia because it's on my bucket list but it's crazy money.
  3. Your greatest holiday
    Tough call. I'm still on a high from America '14. Crete last year was amazing and Florida exactly 7 (?) years ago was amazing!!!

  4. What is at the top of your bucket list?
    Ooooh. Get married?? Despite referring to a bucket list earlier I don't actually have one!! I do have a 25 before 25 though. 
  5. If you could invite 3 celebrities (living or deceased) to dinner, who would you invite and why?
    Me and Andy spoke about this yesterday, again, a tough question (so much for this being the lazy blogger option)

    Audrey Hepburn- I admire her style, poise and just her in general
    Beyonce- Because well, duh!
    Prince Harry- I loveee him. Also it's very female dominated right now.

    My answers are kind of lame for that question, sorry!
  6. Why did you start blogging?
    I'm actually meaning to write a whole post dedicated to answering this question. Why? I had too much on my mind and I wanted it shared. I was also writing a youth worker blog at the same time. But I'll talk about this more in a post probably later this week. 
  7. Favourite lip product
    I don't have a specific product. But I love a good red lipstick.
  8. Favourite food
    Chicken! Ideally a good roast dinner with mash, gravy and stuffing.
  9. What was/is your favourite subject at school?
    I always said if I hadn't done youth work at university I'd have done History. I also loved religious studies, English Lit and Food Tech.
  10. Best animal (most important question)A dog or a leopard.
  11. Your favourite outfit when you’re on vacation
    A bikini, obviously. (Or a cute bathing suit- see my post on Bettylicious swimwear) and something easy to throw over.. probably a super floaty maxi dress. and flipflops. 
These are my questions:
1. If you went on come dine with me what would you cook?

2. what's your most favourite city in the world?
3. Which is better twitter or facebook?
4. Are you going on holiday this year? If so where?
5. Top 5 songs ever. 
6. If you could change your name what would you change it to and why?
7. How do you take your tea?
8. What are some of your favourite blogs?
9. Did you have a favourite childhood toy? If so, what? and do you still have it?
10. What is your favourite app?

I nominate:

Looking forward to your answers, lovelies.

Until next time....


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