Wednesday, 16 July 2014

North West Blog Meet Up

Hello darling

Happy Hump day!! It's my day off. Woohoo. How should I spend it?

So remember at the start of July I said I wanted to organised a NW blog meet up?? Well here's my thoughts.

This first came out at the end of #BEDM when I couldn't find ANY North West bloggers!!! Then all of a sudden they appeared out the woodwork and I wanted to meet them all. 

So I thought I'd just ask a few questions and if you're a NW blogger you can respond with your preferences and if you're not you can just help me out! 

So here we go:

Where would you like to meet? I'm obviously in Chester but willing to travel

What would you like to do? I've seen all sorts of meet ups in action: some with a conference feel and others that are just a meal and a chat. I know which I prefer.

How many people would you like to attend? Give me an idea of numbers. Do you have a preference?

All niches? I definitely think that a range of blog niches (and non niches like myself) is ideal. But what do you think?

When? July is quickly running away. When's good for you? Weekend/weekdays/evenings?

If there is a cost, how much? I'm hoping to avoid it being expensive. Because well.. budgetting. But if this is unavoidable. How much?

Anything else? Tell me all.

So please feel free to comment below or tweet me!!  Also feel free to reply to other peoples, let's get a discussion going! (I don't have a blog email just yet BUT if you have loadssss to say comment below and I'll email you!)

Also... it feels like a lot of work on my own so if anyone would like to co-host the meet up PLEASEEEEE let me know!!

I'm soooo excited and really hope we can get this off the ground!

Until next time.... 

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