Monday, 14 July 2014

Money Monday- W/B 14th July

Hello beauties,

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

We had a relatively chilled one. On Saturday we sorted out the spare bedroom at Andy's because I'm moving in there in September (well the spare bedroom will store my stuff) we found a receipt from 1992!!

Thank you sooo much to all those who read my first Money Monday post last week- it was my post popular post of the week! and thank you for all your support, tweets and messages.. So how was my week?

This what I said I'd spend:

Outgoings this week: 
Food: £15 
Entertainment: £10 
Travel: £10 (contributing towards petrol since I'll be borrowing Andy's car this month)
Other: £10

Total: £45

I've been using a money manager app to track my outgoings- which admittedly I forgot to update from about Tuesday onwards *slaps on wrist* but thankfully I remembered my purchases:

Food: £26.52
Entertaintment: £0
Travel: £0 (oops sorry Andy I owe you!!)
Other: £14.99 

Total: £41.51

So, I actually spent less than planned (if I omit that I owe Andy £10!) But where did I spent it?

I've mostly been buying fresh food because I've been eating salads for lunch so I've been topping up through the week with lettuce, cucumber etc. Which would have been finee but on Saturday I had a major dominos craving which cost £17.99 (I treated Andy) Oooops! But I have seriously cut down on buying sandwiches etc from Tesco and have been using what I have at home and taking lunch to work. Still room for improvement.

Other: a DVD as a random present fro Andy came to about £11 (again my fault for not adding it to my app right away) and a surprise ebay win which I forgot about but I won't complain tooo much about a £3.99 (inc postage) pair of boots!

So what's coming up this week?

This week is looking a bit more expensive: I have my phone bill to pay which after America I think will be quite hefty, also my credit card bill goes out this week (around £50 min) and my wonderful sister and her boyfriend are coming to stay we're going for drinks and Alton Towers on Sunday (free tickets) which I think might cost a bit!

So here's the plan:

Food: £15 (no surprises this week)
Entertainment: £10 (allowing for a couple of drinks on Saturday)
Travel: £10 (about that petrol, Andy!?)
Alton Towers: £10 (allowing for food etc during the day. But might work to lower this)
Phone bill: £?? Could be up to £90!!! (this is probably coming out of my other account)
Credit card: £50

Total: £185

OOOOOSHH!  So this one is a little bit more than last week and not ideal!! (I currently have £204 in my usual account) 

But let's hope I can be sensible, keep a good track of my spends and work to minimise some of the costs this week.

Any tips?

Until next time.... 

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