Monday, 9 June 2014

The final countdown- Laura's American Adventure

EEEEEKKK.  It's happening tomorrow!!
According to my time hop app I first started properly planning my trip to America exactly a year ago today and tomorrow I fly!
My flight is at 3.20 pm so I'm currently staying with Chloe in preparation.
My bag is packed minus a few items
My hand luggage is altogether and I can print my boarding pass in 2 hours time so it'll start to feel properly real. Gahhhh!! 

Until I started typing this post it didn't feel quite real. Now I'm crazy excited.

I promise to blog as much of my adventure as possible.

But first I wanted to introduce my best friend... Kate

Valentines trip to Ghana 2011

Kate is 23 and lives in America (obviously). We met on our gap year in London and struck up a friendship pretty much straight away (she called me precious and I knew we'd be friends for life) We share a mutual love of food, dogs and being sarcastic.

Kate last came to stay a year after our gap year towards the end of my first year of university so it has been over 2 years since we last saw each other!
I'm so excited. 

So, travellers alike. What are your airport travel tips? What should I ensure is in my hand luggage? What should I make sure I've packed? 

Until next time... 


  1. (Sorry if I've posted twice... the last one seemed to disappear!) Have a great time out there - take plenty of photos to blog about when you come home! Can't wait to read about it :)

    1. Hi Nick. That seems to be a common theme with blogger!!! Thank you so much. will be blogging photos and details as I go and probably do a mass post at the end too! :-)

  2. Where in America are you going?? I loved it there! Just trying to think of tips but guess it depends where you're going tbh :)

    Matt Main xx

    1. I'm spending three weeks in Kentucky and road tripping to North Carolina. So any tips welcome in Aug my boyfriend is doing a Kontiki tour from West to East so I'm sure he'd welcome the tips too. Not as epic as your adventure. xx


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