Thursday, 26 June 2014

American Adventure- World Records & Wine

So on Monday, after 5 full days in Wilmington we headed back to Lexington. 
This post might be quite short. The very first bit of the trip was brilliant, after that it got a little tough and not that much fun!

So we tried to follow a route but something went wrong but we somehow, by magic ended up on the right interstate which we needed to be on for 181 miles. 

However, about 45 mins into our drive we saw billboards for free vineyard tour and tasting and well it's a road trip so you don't need an excuse to pull off randomly and visit somewhere cool?

So we ended up in Rose Hill, North Carolina, A tiny little town which is actually famous for.... wait for it...

The World's Largest Frying Pan!!!!!!! 

But we'll get back to that.

First: the wine tour.

We visited the Duplin Winery  which is famous for their production of Muscovado Grapes (these grapes only grow in specific areas of the USA so they're kinda unique). and they're award winning. 

First we went on the tour and learnt lots about how wine is made! Which, as a lover of wine, is fascinating! I wish I could recount all the details but i'm afraid my brain is a bit frazzled! But basically... they harvest the grapes, it goes through machines to juice it, they mix it with rice husks, then they juice it again, chill it, bottle it et voila. 

Then we went back to the main shop/bar for some wine tasting. In total we tried 12 wines and 2 sweetzers (frozen wine cocktails). In general, a lot of them were very sweet and some were tooo sweet. But we both decided that Pink Magnolia (semi dry, fruity) was our favourite and also enjoyed the frozen cocktails. The prices were really reasonable as well: between $7.99-$14.99 per bottle. 

We browsed the shop a little longer and then headed back on to the road with directions to....

The World's Largest Frying Pan!!!!!!! 

ok, so full disclosure about Rose Hill, NC? They're not so hot on signs! There'd be like one sign for something and then nothing again. It took three attempts and me screaming at Kate and pointing wildly for us to find the world's largest frying pan. Hidden under a wooden gazebo. It was a littttllleee anti-climatic! 
partly because it's covered up and also because it doesn't have a handle on it! But below are the facts about it, which I admit are pretty impressive.

I like world records like that, for the people who can't run or climb mountains or something...
and what are road trips for if not to find random places on the way?

So after two hours in Rose Hill and seeing just about everything the town had to offer we got back on the road.
It was pretty dull from there: the odd stop for food (Bojangles is not as good as we were told it would be!), pretty views of Virginia and Tennessee. 

We were going to stop in Knoxville with some friends of Kate's but that didn't work on so we carried on along this slightly strange route through a lot of bible belt towns.
One slightly creepy sign stated:


just before a sharp, foggy bend. So that was kind of scary.... excited as I am to meet God I'm not quite ready for that!

andddd about 2 hours away from Lexington we got pulled over by a cop for speeding. Which was surreal and a little bit like a movie! Thankfully, he was relatively nice but not the cheapest drive home!!!

we finally arrived back in Lexington just before midnight (or just before we turned in to a pumpkin)

Until next time....

What's the best thing you've found on a road trip?


  1. I came across the worl's largest rocking chair on route 66 last year, crazy and amazing trip! You look like you're having the BEST time, so jealous! :) Claire

    My Summer Essentials Competition!

    1. That's amazing!!! I might have to find that next time. I am, thank you so much xxx


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