Monday, 30 June 2014

American Adventure- Things America Does Differently

Hi Beauties

So I have just two days left in America.. my flight is 6pm tomorrow night! Wahhhh. 
In the past 3 weeks I've noticed a few different things when I compare America to England, this is not to say one option is better than the other! They're just observations:

1. The ChaCha Slide

I mention this here. I didn't think it was possible to do a song, with instructions, differently! But... in America you turn around after each ChaCha. Which completely confused me at the wedding.

2. Shots

Again, so confused!! A few days in to arriving in America we went to a party and I was offered a shot.. sure! But then I was asked what I wanted with it. Pardon? What? Here's the difference: in England we just do a shot straight.. in America, they chase it! For the record.. I had a cinnamon vodka shot and because it was horrible.. I chased it with pepsi. 

3. Toilets

First of all, I shouldn't even be referring to them as a toilet. I know, it's a restroom. But they're sooo low. It took me a little while to figure this out. Also, they use soooo much water.

4. Petrol Stations

I feel like I'm going to mention that I was confused a lot. I was pretty confused when Kate pulled up at a petrol (gas) station, put the pump in and then walked off to the kiosk. I only realised when I looked at the pump that it was STILL pumping, without Kate even being there. Genius. 

5. Taxes

Three visits to the US and I STILL get confused by sales tax. I have my money ready to pay... say something is $4.99 and I have as $5 note and then sales tax gets added on and I have to root through my purse again. What is that about? I'm pretty sure America is the only place like this.

6. Tipping

This is not to say we don't tip. I love tipping! In fact I get annoyed when we go out with a group of friends and people just put coppers as a tip, so wrong! But tipping here is HUGE and expected regardless of service. Plus I still don't know what the rule is so I just have to pick a few dollars and hope for the best!

7. Church Adverts

Especially on the radio?? In NC we heard one that was like "it is not a coincidence that you're hearing this advert... this is God!" Bizarre! 

Well... that's my list... but here is someone else compilation: 15 Odd Things About America

*Something that isn't different!*

This is a genuine conversation I had with someone: 
Guy: Do you like our milk?"
me: "pardon?"
Guy: "Do you like that it's not on shelves? Because yours is on shelves isn't it?" 
Me: "In the fridges? Yea... "
Guy: "Oh maybe I'm thinking of Germany... They only have powdered milk don't they? Do you have milk like us?
Me & Kate: Yea the milk is the same in the UK. and pretty sure it is in Germany too. 

The same person then continued to ask me questions based on what he "knew" about Germany and his understanding of British culture from watching Harry Potter. Cringe. 

Until next time....

A Harvest of Blessing


  1. Very interesting and comical post. What's a copper?

    1. Thanks Rebecca. Oh gosh I didn't think about that reference.. it's like loose change? Our smaller coins are copper coloured hence coppers! It'd be like tipping with cents x

  2. I have literally just lol'd my way through this entire post, then again when I read it out to Tim! SO funny! J x

  3. Thank you so much!! I actually didn't intend it to be hilarious (apart from the milk story) but everyone has said it is.. so I'll go with it ;-) xx

  4. This is fabulous! And really funny! I was in the Philippines a while back, and they have powdered milk ;)

    I've always wanted to travel to England. What are you most looking forward to about being home?

    1. Hi Rachel. Thank you for your comment :-) I'm home now but was most looking forward to seeing my boyfriend, a good cup of tea and being able to ring my family without worrying about charges! x

  5. They always say it's supposed to be minimum 15-20% tip at restaurants, if that helps you! My parents only have powdered milk or milk in a box on the shelf, and they live in Malaysia. Maybe he was thinking of a completely different region of the world...

    1. Thanks for the hint Rachel, I'll remember on my next visit! Perhaps, We do have powdered milk but only for people who go camping or similar x

  6. Stopping by from the Jack of All Trades link-up! This is such a fun post, especially as an American :) I love reading about the differences between countries! Some bars in the US do offer shots as just shots. In fact, I've never been offered a chaser, so that may just be something the town/area you were drinking in does. Our taxes are crazy + will never make sense to anyone, I swear! And they raise them every time we turn around, haha.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Caitlin. You do shots the right way ;-) We have taxes but we tend to know what's coming before we pay x

  7. Hilarious! I remember all kinds of confusion from visiting London.
    The tipping thing is a big deal. Pretty much always add at least 15% for a tip. 20% is the new standard for good service.
    Glad to find your blog from the link up.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lauren. and I'll remember the tip for next time I visit ;-) x


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