Tuesday, 13 May 2014

#BEDM - Product Review Aromatherapy Associates- Hydrating Rose Face Mask

Good Morning Lovelies,

Conveniently today's prompt is "fashion, beauty and grooming" and I was going to do a product review anyway. Hoorah. 

On Saturday we went to Birmingham on the train so I bought Marie Claire for the journey which happened to come with three freebies from Aromatherapy Associates:

Hydrating Rose Face Mask
Hydrating Renewing Rose Cleanser
Hydrating Triple Rose Renewing Moisturiser

Last night I gave the face mask a try and will hopefully be giving the other two bits a try very soon. Maybe tonight? 

The first thing you notice is once you open the plastic packaging you can really smell the products, really strong floral smell. Which is lovely. I also had a lavender tea so the flat smelt like a garden ;-)

The instructions say to : "apply to face and neck after exfoliation, leave for ten minutes then rinse off with warm water"

I'd exfoliated a few hours before, so that counts right?

I applied it.. but it's not like any other face mask I've used.. It's clear!! A little like Bonjela! So when it goes on you can't really see that it's on apart from a slight sheen to the face (see pics- sorry about the funny faces, it's not my most attractive get up!)

I left it ten minutes but to be honest by the time I washed it off most have it had soaked in to my skin so it wasn't exactly difficult to get off (compared to a lot of clay fash masks!) and it does smell lovely too. 

The sample promises to be moisturising & renewing. My skin definitely felt softer after I washed it off but also felt like it had drawn out stuff and I was going to wake up with spots (I don't mind that really but probably not something to use if you've got a big event the next day or something) It's also quite cooling and doesn't tighten up the skin the way other face masks sometimes do. 

This morning when I woke up my skin feels soft and clean but with some noticeable bumps and spots. 

I'm not sure if I'm a big fan though.. It absorbed in to my skin too quickly and didn't really feel like I'd put it on in the first place.. I think I prefer to be able to SEE something I put on my face! 

It's for sale on their website for £37.00 for 100 ml which seems pretty steep to me (one of my favourite face masks is about £5 or something!!) Not sure it's something I'd buy myself but I'd definitely finish up the sample. 

Until tomorrow...


  1. Interesting. They are expensive but I do like Aromatherapy Associates (although I only ever try the trial sizes that come on magazines and in my Birchbox)... looking forward to seeing what you thought of the other two items.

  2. would you recommend birchbox?


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