Thursday, 29 May 2014

#BEDM- Our Trip to Cadbury's World

If you read this post you will know that I spent Monday at Cadbury's World. 
It's pretty conveniently located myself and Andy came down from Chester and my twin sister, Chloe and her boyfriend Duncan came up from Gaydon pretty much equi-distance. 

We had such a good day! Sorry I didn't take many photos I just wanted to enjoy the day.

So you go in at your allotted time (it was pretty busy, but I guess a bank holiday at the start of a school half term holiday probably would be). Oh and you get your first lot of free chocolate. Honestly, I want this ladies job, I bet everyone loves her. 

You journey through the Aztec Jungle (avoiding the annoying pirate) through Europe to Bull Street..

The first two rooms are video/experience/actor rooms where you get to know a bit about the history of Cadbury's and how it came to be on the site in Bournville. 
The lady who leads this bit on Bull Street was hilarious and trying to get us all to join in.... she called me and Chloe her darling dollies or something because we were the only people who did the pantomime style "ooohs" and "ahhs" I mean.. come on people! You're at a chocolate factory. Lighten up!

I want to own a chocolate & tea shop

Mmmm Tea!

The second room gives you an idea of how chocolate is made including some simulation. Now I'm not talking Disney Land 'Honey I shrunk the audience' style but it's pretty fun! 

You then get into the proper factory bit to see some of the packaging and production. There's more free chocolate. and it smells of melted chocolate which is awesome! There's also a bit where it suddenly gets really warm (they do warn you) which I didn't mind because I was dressed for summer!


Then.. you queue. This bit is optional but why would you miss out on the 'Cadabra' ride?? When we joined the queue the sign said it was a 40 minute wait but I think that was a bit played up ... I reckon we maybe waited 30 minutes and it wasn't a noticeable wait (then again last year we queued for about an hour for Nemo ride at Disney) I can imagine with kids this can be a bit tedious... certainly the ones behind us were getting restless. 

I can't really explain Cadabra.. you sit in a car and go round and ride through what the website describes as a chocolate wonderland! you might recognise some familar faces. although they're heavy on these chocolate bean things who honestly scare me!

Then it's on to the tasting area!! They give you a pot of melted chocolate with two toppings (I recommend fudge and white chocolate .. although I'm told the marshmallows are amazing) to eat as you meander through advertising avenue. If you love all things vintage, you'll love this bit!

and the tour ends in Purple place where you can play interactive Cadburys inspired games. Surprisingly there wasn't too many queues or waiting for these.

You come back out basically where you started... to the BIGGEST CADBURY'S SHOP EVER!!!! Amazingly, in terms of attraction gift shops the prices weren't too horrific. For one you get a lot of the factory prices you'd see if you went to a factory shop near you plus a few extra special bits.

We went a bit OTT and bought: a chocolate tea pot (ahhh the jokes!), a caramel bunny toy, a bag of misshapes (what else would you buy??), a gift set made up of a mug, little bear and chocolate bars and 10 curly wurlys. It came to about £40 so we got given two free teddies! 

Well that's as useful as a... nevermind

Oh and bonus! you also get to go into the Bournville experience just outside the main building where you get to find out more about Bournville village (which sounds like an amazing place to live!) Again, the vintage style shop fronts were beautiful. 

All in all it was a pretty good day and because of a corporate discount we paid £11 for a ticket (online prices are currently £15.95) I'd really recommend a visit.. 

The only downside? No chocolate river or oompa loompahs. Oh welllll. 

Until tomorrow...


  1. That looks and sounds like a fantastic day out!!


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