Thursday, 22 May 2014

#BEDM My how to of Job Hunting

Hello Lovelies

Unfortunately, I didn't get the job from Monday's interview so today I'm back applying for jobs. It occurred to me as I was hunting for the last two hours that there's a blog post in there somewhere. So please find my how to of job hunting, based upon my experience.. I can't say it's anything ground breaking but it might help some people.

N.B. It was pointed out to me (about 20 unique views in) that I completely skipped point 5.. which is pretty indicative of my head space right now. so instead of adding a point in may this be a lesson in checking & reviewing. Huzzah!

1. Hunt, Hunt, Hunt

I probably use about five different job sites, four of which I've used in the last two hours. It's arduous and it feels like you're just trailing and trailing. But a friend of mine made the mistake of only looking on one site and not finding anything... I put her requirements into another site and hey presto! two jobs straight off that were suitable.

2. Update and diversify your CV

This is basic job hunting.. 1) HAVE A CV (seriously, I know people who don't) 2) Have more than one CV! I have about three CVs: administration/recruitment, youth work, child care for the various roles I'm applying for and as much as possible I change them up for each role so that there's something unique in there. The same goes for application forms, it's easy to just copy and paste but worth being a bit individual in each one. 

3. Spell check said CV

I worked in recruitment, trust me.. CVs which haven't been proof read are hilarious but also frustrating, especially for roles requiring good literacy skills! Also.. try and be normal on your CV and covering letter. I've seen examples of some covering letters sent in to where Andy works, good for being memorable, but definitely not worth it for getting the job!

4. Use social media

It's the new networking. Twitter, linked in (I NEEDDD to update mine)- set up alerts, do some searches, put some hashtags out there. But then try not to post your drunken antics straight afterwards, unless that's the kind of job you're going for. Even your blog (HELLO future employers!)

6. Be organised

Everyone who knows me knows I'm a filofax geek. I have pages in my filofax set up for job applications. A page which lists what I've applied for/am applying for and closing dates- this helps me figure out if they've just not got back to me too! 
Also another page with all my previous employee addresses, I got fed up with hunting them down every new application form! You could also save this digitally if you're that sort!

Yes.. my workspace is my bed!

7. Apply for everything

I mean, don't go mad. Be a bit selective, you are fabulous after all. But if anything comes up which is in the area you want to work in (geographically or positionally) and is the right money.. apply! It's worth a punt.

8. Set aside time

The job application process takes time. When I first started looking for jobs during my long summer break at the end of first year I had alll day to apply for jobs, send emails etc. Now I've got revision to do and 4000 words to write. So set aside some time, perhaps the morning or a few hours at night and stick to it.

9. Sign up with agencies

I am an advocate for a good recruitment agency. They are good at what they do, they know your skills and know about jobs that might not be advertised elsewhere. If you're in the Bournemouth/Poole area I recommend Team Jobs (but I'm biased.. they used to employ me!)

10. Drink Tea

This was purely one that I wanted to add to ensure my list had ten points. Drink tea, coffee, water, juice (save the wine for later). Just try and be chilled- I preach to myself as much as you. The right job is out there and you. are. FABULOUS!

Until tomorrow...

What are you job hunting tips? 


  1. Good tips! I'm also in your position, looking for jobs. I'm glad to see you agree about not having just one CV, my boyfriend thinks it's strange but I think it makes sense!

    1. Thanks for your comment. How is the job hunt going?


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