Wednesday, 7 May 2014

#BEDM- My favourite apps

Hi Lovelies

For those on assignment watch I've written about 2000 + words today and apart from ensuring my appendices are together and my referencing I am just about finished and ready to hand my report in tomorrow. 

So today's prompt is "gadgets" and I've decided to write about my favourite apps.
I currently use a sony Xperia Z, an Ipad (begrudgingly in love with it.. despite trying to hate on apple) and a nook e-reader (which is more like a tablet in itself) so will try and specify what I use them on. 

First of all...
Why I love my Nook
I bought a nook simple touch last summer to take to Crete. It was on offer and cost about £30 I loved itt! I will NEVER stop buying real books but being able to take up to 2000 books on something ridiculous in one tiny little device is super useful for travelling.

Unfortunately, I broke it... I knelt one it. But for my birthday Andy bought me a new one.. the superduper, wifi enabled, more like a tablet than an e-reader nook. 

It's so easy to use, stores a load of books/magazines and apps. It's wonderful. Please whilst I love real books, for the most part they're available cheaper on the Nook (andddd I don't need to use Amazon, win!!!). 

I also have the nook app on my phone and I-pad.. so all my books/downloads are accessible whatever I have on  me.

Clockwork Tomato

I love this app. It's based around the pomodoro technique of studying. Where you work for about 15-20 minutes straight, take a short break, then start again. Do this four times over then take a longer break (google it if that doesn't make much sense)

The clockwork tomato does the timing for you and chimes at you when it's time to take a break or recommence and it logs how much you've done each day. 

It's really helped my productivity plus it's the cutest little tomato looking timer. cute..


I wrote about this in this post here. It's like having a little noticeboard on your phone for all these post in notes. It;s easy to use, you can customise the post its to be colourful, add pictures, make lists etc. 
Obviously, I'm a complete geek for filofaxes and lists and writing stuff down, but, if I ever don't have a bit of paper handy or wake up in the night thinking about something then I love having this to hand. 


This app allows you to view videos/deals etc. and get paid for it. Not loads, but a little bit...and y'know.. every little helps. Also, somehow it's got a chime sound for it's notification which I can't locate anywhere else on my fine.. that's right, friends... it's magic!! 

and finally...

Sims freeplay

I'm just addicted. end of. 

What are you favourite apps?

Until tomorrow.... 

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