Friday, 9 May 2014

#BEDM Motivation

Hello beauties

I didn't really feel like writing about motivation today, I feel like I've mentioned being motivated or not motivated a lot this challenge what with applications and assignments. So I decided to write about what I've been doing this week/fortnight when I haven't been motivated. 

Thank you to Daire from Open Way Designs for the prompts. 

Eating… Everything! I've been consistently hungry recently (which isn't ideal for wanting to lose weight!). However, bagels (with real butter) also waffles and I recently discovered Chicken frankfurters. Yumm.  
Drinking… Tea, always! Also.. Um Bongo! (I didn't know they still sold it). I also recently discovered an amazing wine: Gallo Family 'Summer White' it's cheap and also sweet and fruity. 
Missing…Oooh. This week? my nephew. He turned three on Monday and I sometimes wish I was there more often to watch him grow up. I always miss my family, being away from there so often. 
Thinking… About assignments and blogging. and what comes next...
Thankful for… My wonderful boyfriend. I am smugly and sickeningly in love.. I know but I'm so happy :-) 
Creating… Nothing :-( assignment fever has taken over my life. I want to do something creative!!
Excited about… Youth Work Summit 2014 and America in June. and the future.. somewhat. 
Hoping… I'll get a dream job soon... and lose a bit of weight, without making any effort. Hey, a girl can dream?
Watching… Twilight series, Harry Potter & Gossip Girl. 
Reading… Twilight series. I've also just bought One Thousand White Women to read for May's Open Book Club
Writing… assignments and job applications. Boring. Two more assignments, one exam to go! 
Loving… Living with Andy, we've been house/rabbit sitting and it's been so lovely having him come home after work to me. I could definitely get used to it.

So there we have it, just an insight into what I've been up to.
Until tomorrow...
p.s. Shameful bit of begging but my twin sister is abseiling 120FT tomorrow to raise money for Birmingham Children's Hospital. If you'd like to sponsor her follow this link 


  1. How are you enjoying One Thousand White Women? Glad you're joining us with our Book Club read this month!! Daire x

    1. Sorry I've just seen this Daire. I'm struggling a bit with One Thousand White Women? When I pick it up I enjoy it but struggling to find time to pick it up and when I do have time I don't have the inclination? Hope you're enjoying it!


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